Here at Wetsuit Centre, we have a vast array of wakeboards and accessories to get you ready to jump into the water, with a multitude of top brands including Ronix and Hyperlite. Ronix wakeboards are known for being the best on the market with cutting edge technology to give you incredible performance in the water. The Hyperlite range is the complete package, offering high-quality designs for every budget. Wakeboarding is a sport that's accessible to everyone. Even if you're a strong swimmer, an impact jacket and helmet is required. If you’re hitting the beach or perfecting your techniques in a wake park you'll be sure to find the perfect wakeboard and anything else you might need for the best experience!

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  1. Hyperlite Broadcast 5'4" Wakesurf Board - Blue/Black - Full View
  2. Connelly Surge Junior Wakeboard 2021 - Multi - Top
  3. Connelly Reverb Wakeboard 2021 - Blue - Top
    As low as £288.95
  4. Connelly Pure Wakeboard 2021 - Multi - Top
    As low as £258.95
  5. Hyperlite Wakeboard Rubber Wrap 2021
  6. Ronix District Boat Wakeboard
    As low as £338.95
  7. Ronix Vault Boat Wakeboard
    As low as £338.95
  8. Kids Ronix Vision Wakeboard
  9. Ronix August Girls Wakeboard
  10. Hyperlite State Junior Wakeboard  - 125cm - Full View
  11. Ronix Supersonic Space Odyssey Girls Fish Wakesurf 2021
  12. Radar Pro Build Vapor Water Ski 2021 pair
    As low as £1,749.00
  13. Radar Pro Build Vapor Water Ski 2021 - Orange
    As low as £1,749.00
  14. Radar X-Caliber Combos Skis with Cruise Boots 2021
    As low as £259.00
  15. Hyperlite Eden Wakeboard 2021 - Multi - Front
    As low as £279.95
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Wakeboards are to summer what snowboards are to winter: a wet and wild variant suited to both beginners and hardened riders. Pulled by a motorboat at speeds of around 30kph, wakeboarding is a stimulating, dynamic and exhilarating sport, find your balance and use the swells to jump your way over the wake. Wakeboarding is a full-body workout! Strengthening your arms while you hold onto the rope, tone your legs while you use your muscles to manoeuvre the board and get rock hard abs when you engage your core to keep your balance! 

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