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Wetsuit Centre has a huge range of products for surfers so that you can buy all the accessories you need in one online shop.No matter what surfing products you are looking for Wetsuit Centre has all you need in one online shop with the best online prices and free delivery.

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  1. Sex Wax Quick Humps Cold Water
  2. Surfboard Fin Key & Grub Screws
  3. Sex Wax Quick Humps - Cool Water
  4. Solarez epoxy mini kit
  5. Sex Wax Quick Humps - Tropical
  6. Sex Wax Assorted
    As low as £2.99
  8. Dryrobe Cushion Cover in Black/Grey
  9. O'Neill Wetsuit Cleaner - 250ml
  10. Sex Wax Air Freshener - Coconut
  11. FCS Surf Wax - Base Coat
  12. Sticky Bumps Original Tropical Surf Wax - One Size - Full View
  13. Northcore Keypod Keysafe
  14. Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion
  15. Northcore Single Car Seat Cover
  16. Ding All Standard Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit
  17. Sex Wax Quick Humps - Extra Cold
  18. Red Sex Wax
  19. Solarez Mini Travel PU Surfboard Repair Kit
  20. Mrs Palmers Cool Water Surf Wax
  21. sun bum highlight spray
  22. Dawn Patrol 3mm Gloves
    As low as £29.95
  23. Island Tribe 30g SPF50 Sunscreen Stick
  24. FCS Surf Wax - Cold
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Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins enhance the performance of a board to suit all kinds of surfing conditions. Many of the world’s best surfers have produced their own signature fins in order to improve speed and turning. You can now buy FCS ‘2’ fins from Wetsuit Centre that are designed to clip on and off, making it easy to change your setup.

GoPro Cameras

These HD quality cameras were originally attached to the surfboard to film the ride. With the addition of Go Pro accessories you can strap the camera to you wrist or to a headband. The action you can catch from these hand held devices is truly amazing, pro surfers are taking groundbreaking footage from inside the barrel..


A good repair kit is a must when surfing abroad. There are two types of repair kits; a sun cure applied to dings and a foam/sandpaper kit for heavy damage.

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