Waterproof Headphones

If you’re looking for great quality waterproof headphones at affordable prices, stop by Wetsuit Centre today. 100 per cent waterproof to a depth of 3 metres, our waterproof headphones are the perfect accessory for any water-based sports and activities. Whether you’re surfing, kayaking or even just doing your morning laps in the pool, sporting activities are always more enjoyable when you listen to music. It’s scientifically proven that you push yourself harder when listening to your favourite music as you train. Make sure you push yourself as hard as possible when out on or in the water, by investing in a pair of waterproof headphones from Wetsuit Centre today.
Waterproof headphones aren’t just great for water sport enthusiasts, either. Long distance runners, lovers of the gym and indeed anyone who does any kind of physically exertive sport can benefit from a high quality pair of waterproof headphones. Never again do you have to suffer electric shocks in your ears because it starts to rain 5 miles into a run. Never again do you have to worry about perspiration damaging your new headphones when you’re working out at the gym. A pair of waterproof headphones from Wetsuit Centre will work out all of your sporting music problems in one go, no matter what sports you do or where you train. Visit Wetsuit Centre today and walk away with a high quality pair of waterproof headphones that will make your sports even more enjoyable than ever.

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Waterproof MP3 Player

If you have your own waterproof MP3 player or a waterproof MP3 case, our Northcore™ “Soundwave” earphones may be perfect for you. These earphones feature 10mm aluminium speaker drivers and a 3.5mm gold plated jack to give you the best sound quality, no matter if you’re above water or below. If you don’t have a waterproof MP3 player or if you don’t want to put your MP3 player in a waterproof case, our Aquanote headphones by XS Stories may be the headphones for you. These fantastic headphones come with a built in MP3 player to ensure that your waterproof headphones are all one sealed unit, letting you listen to your music on the go, while doing laps in pool or even up to 3 meters below water. Whatever your waterproof headphone needs, Wetsuit Centre has you covered.

Why Choose Wetsuit Centre For Your Waterproof Headphones?

Over the years Wetsuit Centre has expanded from a copy offering the best wetsuits at the lowest prices, to a become a company offering all of your water sports equipment needs in the simplest way possible. Whatever you want or need when it comes to water sports, be sure to check out Wetsuit Centre for all the best deals and none of the technical jargon aimed at confusing customers and up selling products. This is not how we operate – if you have any questions, we’re always on hand to talk you through the best purchase for you. We pride ourselves on our industry insight and customer satisfaction. We’ve built a loyal customer base which keeps coming back for more help and advice, and we want you to be a part of this. It’s because of this insight and loyalty to our customers that we’ve achieved a Trustpilot rating of “Excellent” after more than 1,700 reviews. For more information on our waterproof headphones, or for anything else in our range of water sports equipment, don’t hesitate to call Wetsuit Centre today.
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