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When it comes to the sport of surfing one of the most crucial things to be aware of is the tide times as this effects how good the waves are likely to be. Rip Curl the brands known by all surfers has the best range of tide watches, so you will not miss the best waves. Recently this has gone one stage further with the all new GPS search watch. This watch will not only tell you the time & tides but as it is GPS will monitor your wave count, speed of your rides and general position in the water. Tested by the worlds surfers such as Mick Fanning and Owen Wright the feed back is that this watch is truly outstanding and marks a leap forward in the world of surfing.

The great thing about Rip Curl is that they price there watches a such good price points that it really is not that expensive to buy the watch for you. They are ideal as a Christmas or Birthday present for the water sports enthusiast in your life. The watch designs cater for men & women and range from a practical fashion watch or a technical tide version.

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