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Rash Vests

Wetsuit Centre has one of the largest ranges in the UK for summer rash vests which caters for Men, Women and Children. 

The original purpose of a rash vest was to stop surfboard rashes on surfers whilst on there boards. This garment then became very popular as not only does it stop rashes from surfboards but also from wetsuits especially around the neck and under the arms. As the years have gone on the neoprene has become better and better to the point where it is rare to suffer from rashes caused by a wetsuit. In more recent times the rash vest has become the number 1 seller in summer months to protect people from the harmful rays of the sun. Brands such as O'Neill, Billabong & Rip Cul ensure there tops are 50+ UV Protection. They are designed to be worn in the water and dry quickly in the sun so again this is the perfect way to stay safe and look good. The styles and coulours have growen over the years to give more choice to parents whilst buying for children. We should not forget that surfers still use rash vests in the summer to protect themselves in warmer climates whilst surfing.

Thermal Rash Vest have been around for some time now and are designed from a poly pro material that traps your body heat between the garment and your body, keeping you warmer in cold waters. Usually worn under a wetsuit to increase either the life of a wetsuit or just to enhave it's warmth. Thermal vests are very much the same concept as thermal underwear that people wear in winter months. So if you need to stay warmer in winter months and need a little extra under your wetsuit you should consider a thermal rash vest.