What to Look for in a Triathlon Wetsuit

What is a triathlon wetsuit, and what makes it different? A regular wetsuit is designed to give you buoyancy and keep you warm, whereas a triathlon wetsuit propels you through the water as you swim. Triathlon wetsuits are especially tailored to meet the varying needs of different triathlete types, from weekend warrior to full-time sporting ironman. Whichever of those descriptions matches your profile, Wetsuit Centre has a selection of high-quality wetsuits to meet your requirements.

How does a triathlon wetsuit work ?

Rather than trapping water between the suit and your body, a triathlon wetsuit’s neoprene is blended with rubber and coated with a hydrophobic, or water repellent, material. Less resistance means faster movement through water. On a regular wetsuit the neoprene thickness offers degrees of insulating protection. The thicker the neoprene, the more buoyant you are, so on a triathlon wetsuit buoyancy is designed with speed in mind. An entry-level triathlon wetsuit will be thicker around your legs than your arms or torso. The opposite of a regular wetsuit, this design keeps the legs up for better swimming posture.

What to look for?

At our Wetsuit Centre outlet we offer a selection of high-quality Orca brand swimming suits. Prices range from £109.99 - £199. Price varies depending on two essential factors.

  • Neoprene

    Flexibility is key when you need speed. The higher quality the neoprene, the more it will stretch to match your movement without losing its elasticity. The less you have to resist, the faster you will be in the water.

  • Parts

    The more parts a wetsuit is made of, the more freedom of movement your muscles will be allowed. The best triathlon wetsuits will give you the most agility as you propel yourself through the water. More parts require greater expertise in the composition and production of the wetsuit, and the price recognises this.

The right triathlon wetsuit to buy will depend on your sporting necessities. At the Wetsuit Centre we pride ourselves on giving our customers honest advice, so feel free to contact us for extra information as you browse our site to find the triathlon wetsuit you need.