O'Neill Original Wetsuits

O'Neill Original Wetsuits For Men, Women & Children

The O'Neill Original Range of wetsuits are a mid range chest zip winter and summer wetsuit range for men, women & children. The great thing about the Original is that they are in 3mm, 5mm & 6mm of neoprene so great fro both summer and winter. Original is made from 100% super stretch neoprene meaning that when you are in the wetsuit it moves with your body preventing you from getting cold from open spaces. It also features firewall thermal lining which is like thermal underwear inside the suit. This retains your body heat and reflects it back towards your body. Being a chest zip suit their is no restriction in back movement so you are free to move and enjoy your water sport. The wetsuit is chest entry mean it gives you far more movement in your back which is great for all water sports. It has to be said that they are more difficult to get into but once you have the knack you will not go back to a back zip.

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