Repair Kits

Repair Kits for Surfboards

Surfboard repair kits are an easy way to repair your surfboard if it has suffered a ding, or a crack. We would suggest leaving your surfboard to dry out for a few weeks if water has entered the foam. If you are going to use the board simply gaffer tape the crack up so no more water enters the foam. When you have finished surfing take the gaffer tape off to continue drying. Once your surfboard has fully dried out its now time to use one of our surfboard repair kits.

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  1. Solarez epoxy mini kit
  2. Ding All Standard Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit
  3. Ding All Super Polyester Surfboard Repair Kit
  4. Solarez PU Clear
  5. Ding All Epoxy Quik Stik Surfboard Repair Kit
  6. Ding All Sun Cure Epoxy Mini Tube 1oz
  7. Ding All Super Epoxy Repair Kit
  8. Ocean & Earth Polyurethane Solarcure Repait Kit
  9. Northcore Phix Doctor Durarez Standard Surfboard Repair - Black - Full View
  10. Solarez Epoxy
  11. Solarez Micro-lite White
  12. PHD-006
    As low as £15.95
  13. Phix Doctor Sun Powered Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit
    As low as £21.95
  14. Gear Aid Aquasure/AquaPak 57gr Epoxy Repair Putty
  15. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Flex Patches
  16. Solarez Softboard Repair Kit
  17. Ding All Blobb Mini Wetsuit/Bodyboard/Softboard Repair Kit - 1oz
  18. Ding All Sun Cure Polyester Fibrefill Surfboard Repair Kit 1oz
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