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Havaiana Flip Flops

Introducing Colour Therapy to your Feet

At the time Havaianas were born, Hawaii was the dream destination for many people: a paradise with lots of sun, surf and an upbeat mood.

Hawaii is also where the greeting “Aloha”, which means share (alo) with cheerfulness (oha) the energy of life (ha) now (ala), comes from. For this reason and others, Hawaii was totally relevant to Havaianas.

And “Aloha!” to you too!

Last year 184million Havaiana Flip Flops were sold worldwide and the brand became even more popular.

Worn by surfers around the world the classic flip flop was turned upside down to create 1-colour Havaianas.

Result: now there’s an entire collection with 20 different colours for you to choose from with maximum comfort.

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Havaianas flip flops

Havaianas’ early success stemmed from their popularity with the Brazilian lower classes thanks to their durability, affordability, and comfort - three core values that still hold true today. However, the flip flops have gone on to transcend their humble beginnings and now can be seen in all walks of life. They’re so indelibly tied to their home country of Brazil that the government even uses their price to help calculate changes in the cost of living in the South American country.

As well as having both Brazilian and Scottish heritage, Havaianas are also indebted to the East, and specifically Japan. It’s said that the now familiar design of the flip flop was originally inspired when company executives took a trip to the land of the rising sun and saw Geishas wearing straw-bottomed Zuri sandals.

The brand were well-established when their market share was slowly eked away by local competition in the nineties, so they made the bold decision to remarket themselves as a fashionable commodity rather than a staple necessity. The transformation has been one of the great fashion success stories of the last twenty years, with Havaianas now boasting an unrivalled range of colours and designs, the best of which are showcased on Cloggs.

Arguably their most famous design innovation was the inclusion of the Brazilian flag on the strap prior to the 1998 World Cup, serving as a celebration of arguably Brazil’s second most famous export and with the 2014 edition of the tournament hosted by Brazil, what better time to buy a pair of the comfiest flip flops around?

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