Tail Pads

Surfboard Tail Pads & Deck Grips

Here at the Wetsuit Centre, we offer a choice of surfboard tail pads from some of the UK’s top brands including Rip Curl, Billabong, Gorilla Grip & Creatures of Leisure. Tail grips are designed so that your back foot has maximum stability and gives you a solid platform to really push into turns and performance surfing. Each surfboard tail pad also gives you traction so you do not need to apply wax on the tail of the surfboard. The great thing is they come in great designs and shapes to help you to customise your board to suit your requirements. Each of the tail grips that we stock suit a wide variety of different boards and help you to stand up on the board whilst protecting the tail end from damage.

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Set Ascending Direction

Surfboard Tail Pads For Sale

Each of the tail pads that we stock are made of the highest quality material and are easy to apply to the board allowing you to get back out onto the water in no time. This is ideal for those that are new to surfing or those that are looking to customise their board, as it gives your back leg more grip. This is perfect if freestyle is something you enjoy as you will be able to nail much harder tricks and take over the waves. Each surfboard tail pad also locks into the board to ensure that it doesn’t move with the board as this could lead to problems on the water.

For more information on our products and which is best for your board, don’t hesitate to get in touch.