Find your UK Wetsuit

The UK has some of Europe’s top surf spots, with all kinds of beaches, wild, stunning scenery, and waves that draw in surfers from enthusiasts to pros. Be prepared, though, British waters can be cold. The Wetsuit Centre has the right gear and expertise to get you out and insulated. If you fancy a family holiday in Cornwall or extreme thrills in the Scottish Isles, here are some of the UK’s legendary surfing spots. Grab your wetsuit and get out there.

  • Beach: Saltburn by the Sea, England

    For: Beginners
    Water: Mild / Cold
    Recommended Wetsuit thickness: 3/2 - 4/3

    Background: Saltburn was a Victorian seaside resort. Think long dresses, tall laced black boots and large hats lining the beach.

    Surfing: Today Saltburn is a great place for beginner surfers to try their boards on safe waves. The local surf shop just above the beach can supply surfing classes.

    More: Local cafes, pubs and restaurants attract visitors to town.

  • Beach: Porth Neigwl / Hell's Mouth, Wales

    For: Intermediates
    Water: Mild
    Recommended Wetsuit thickness: 2/2 - 3/2

    Background: This beach in the North of Wales is long. Four miles of sand separate sea and surfer from swells of various, mostly mild peaks, perfect for enthusiasts and intermediates alike.

    Surfing: In summer large crowds gear up for the larger swells. You might like to walk further up the beach to find surfing seclusion.

    More: Other activities include horseback riding and walks along the beautiful dunes.

  • Beach: Thurso East, Scotland

    For: Professionals
    Water: Cold
    Recommended Wetsuit thickness: 5/4/3 - 6/5/4

    Background: Waves that swell to sizes of up to triple overhead break all year long. River mouths, reefs, plentiful beaches and break points offer watersport opportunities for everyone.

    Surfing: Huge swells and peaks make Thurso East one of the top spots in Europe for professional surfers and extreme watersport thrill seekers. Thurso East has played host to the European Surfing Championship, as well as two World Championships for Kayak surfing.

    More: Thurso is the northernmost town in Britain. The region has a rich Nordic history, and burial sites dating back 5000 years have been found nearby.