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Sailing Products

The UK and Europe has a history of sailing that dates back to the 17th Century and still now stronger than ever. In Britain we are blessed with wind and water which is the perfect combination for all water sports. As equipment gets better and better more people are having fun out in the water. Gul and Typhoon have been at the for front of the sport since the early days and in recent times Gul even sponsored the GB team at the last Olympics. Wetsuit Centre have chosen the very best products that are on the market so you get the maximum enjoyment. Nowadays we have drysuits that keep us warm and totally free to move without restriction. Wetsuits, gloves and boots that are so warm that even in the winter months you can still enjoy your sailing without getting cold and spray tops that are now breathable yet repel any water. Having all this new online means you can buy from us and get everything you need to have fun and still stay warm. So even if you are the occasional sailor or competing in races we will have the best prices that you will find.


Drysuits have come an awful long way from the original early drysuits that were not exactly dry to today's very technical and very high quality products. Gul and typhoon have led the way in producing some outstanding and state of the art products at affordable prices. A drysuit is designed so that you climb into the suit and zip yourself inside so that no water can get in. This way you stay dry even if you have gone into the water. Drysuits are not just limited to sailing either as now they are used by kitesurfers, kayakers, divers and jet skiers. Some of the best drysuits for sailing include the Gul Gamma and Gul Shadow both of which are considered a high quality product. One of the very best drysuits on the market for kayak enthusiasts is new for 2015 Gul Taw which it has to be said is outstanding value for money,

Sailing Accessories

So when it comes to the additional products that you may need on the boat our extensive range of boots, gloves, dry bags, buoyancy aids and spray tops will be all you need to keep dry and happy. Boots come in 5mm and 3mm with either side zips or enclosed entry and in case your feet get wet your certainly will not get cold. We found that the best boots to buy are from O'Neill and Gul as the range is so good. Gloves for sailing are of a special design and the Gul range has everything you may need depending on what time of year you are getting in the water. As for spray tops they are being used for so many different sports nowadays due to a design that is breathable and keeps you dry and warm while getting splashed with water. we are here to help so please feel free to call us for any advise you may need.