Sup Fins

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Fins

If you have a solid hard board Stand Up Paddle Board then changing your fin around could completely change the feel and performance of your board. We have a selection of fins get can either give you a more stable platform or performance fins that will let your board turn easier and fast which is especially good when surfing your Sup. These fins you fit all boards and work on a plate and screw fastening so they are easy to change and adapt depending on the surf conditions. If you need any help choosing the right fin for you then please feel free to call us for helpful advice.

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  1. Shapers 7.3" Longboard Fin
  2. Shapers Rage Series 5.25 Fin
  3. Shapers Rage 6.5" Longboard Centre Fin
  4. Shapers Clinton Guest 7.3" longboard Fins
  5. Shapers Clinton Guest 9.2" Longboard Fin
  6. Shapers Fin Plate & Screw
  7. Shapers Fibre Flex 8" Surfboard Fin
  8. Shapers Classic 10" Longboard Surfboard Fin
  9. Shapers Classic 9" Longboard Surfboard Fin
  10. Shapers Classic 8" Longboard Fin
  11. Shapers Rage 7" Longboard Centre Fin
  12. Shapers Fins Fin Plate & Screw
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