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Leashes, Surfboard Traction Pads, Board Bags, Tie Down Straps, Roof Bar & Rack Pads by Dakine

Dakine began in Hawaii. Now for hundreds of years the residents have set about surfing. Modern surfing is rooted in Hawaii. Rob Kaplan could also not escape from it and surfed in the big waves of Maui with great pleasure. Owing to the rapid pace of developments in surfing in the 70s Rob Kaplan started to develop first leashes for surfboards. He wanted to fulfill the particular requirements. As a result he founded Dakine in Haiku Maui in 1979. The location was perfect because it was a place with giant waves and one of the most popular surf-spots of the world.

As time progressed, the range of fruits expanded and the action-sports label established itself world-wide as one of the top trademarks for windurfing and surfing. In the meantime the brand has established itself in further extreme- and fun sports activities just as skiing, snowboarding, biking, kitesurfing and skating.

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