Hurley Wetsuits & Clothing

Hurley is a brand that is devoted to the surfing life and is growing year on year due to the quality with great designs. Bob Hurley was the founder of Hurley and if you are a keen surfer you will have heard of the Hurley Pro a competition for the worlds elite surfers at Trestles in California. In recent years the wetsuits have become popular and even the current world champion John John Florence is the team rider. The suits all use super stretch neoprene which makes them one of the most comfortable and flexible wetsuits on the market. The clothing range uses the unique Hurley designs along with some of the best quality clothing for use in the water such as the board shorts and out of the water with very cool tee shirts. Although a worldwide brand it still very much keeps it's roots in the surfing world and has that very cool feel about it.

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