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California Board Company

CBC Softboard Surfboards

When you are looking for your very first surfboard then California Board Company have the product that every novice surfers needs. The soft deck and safety fins ensures that even if you are fulling of all the time it really does not matter as you will not get injured by the softboard construction. The really good thing about these boards is that they are so strong and durable you will find it difficult to damage them. This can be a problem when you buy the more traditional boards that are constructed from traditional fiber glass. As a first board it has all you need in terms of volume and width, this means it's nice and stable to get to your feet and will catch as many waves as you want. They are also fitted with safety fin system with unlike traditional fins will bend on impact. This could well be your family surfboard to take to the beach in summer months and enjoy the ocean.

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Great Beginner Surfboard

CBC surfboards are just the perfect way to get you in the water without having to spend a fortune. They are fast becoming the best beginner board as they are great to learn on and very similar to the boards used in surf schools. Saying that also surfers that have been surfing for a while are starting to buy this board as it's great as a summer cruiser to catch loads of waves and have fun with your friends on days that in the past your may not have gone out as it was to small. Either way take a look at these fantastic price boards for some surfboard fun.