A girl holding her surfboard

A girl holding her surfboard


Here at Wetsuit Centre, it’s no surprise that we love the sea, and no doubt you do too. The salty air and crashing waves sound almost as if the sea itself is breathing. And although we may complain about the cackle and screech of seagulls, nothing quite calls you home the way they do.


We’re going to be looking at the benefits of being by the sea. Make sure you’ve got your wetsuit on because we’re going to be diving deep into the science behind the term ‘Blue Mind’ and explore the wonderful reasons why you should be by the sea.


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A sea brain


A Blue Mind


Take a moment to think about the feeling you get when you reach the open ocean.


Marine biologist, Dr Wallace J Nichols, provides a theory on the meditative states we experience from water, and it sure does open your eyes as to why we keep the ocean so close to our hearts.


Water has the ability to reduce the stress hormone, our cortisol levels. This slows down our breathing and heart rate. It also offers the opportunity to clear our minds and reach a calmer, more creative mindset.


A surfer walking along the beach


It’s a Workout to Get to the Waves


Whether you know it or not, when you’re walking about the beach, you’re actually working out. Walking along the sand provides more exercise compared to walking across flatter surfaces.


This is because your body is having to continuously counter-balance the irregularities of the surface of the sand. You are inevitably working your calves, thighs and gluteus, giving you an authentic beach body.  


When it comes to the water, it’s just as beneficial. Your body receives a  full workout that can increase your immune system's function, as well as improving circulation.


It doesn’t just stop there; studies show that the sea can aid immunity due to the minerals, vitamins and amino acids in seawater. This helps to produce an antibiotic and antibacterial effect.


Aerial shot of surfers swimming


Hours of Activities


Water sports are 100% up there when it comes to spending a day in the sun or getting together with friends and family. With an abundance of options, you’ll have a harder time picking one! From sea kayaking to sandcastles and scuba diving to surfing, water’s just one open playground.


A man eating fish and chips on the beach


Traditions and Idle Ideas


When out of the water, there’s still so much to enjoy like the chaos of the arcades and spending summer evenings listening to live music. Maybe you’d rather cosy up with your fish and chips while watching the winter sunset. The choice is yours as the options are endless.


Steps leading to the sea


Walks by the Water


Enjoy glorious views with a whimsical walk along one of the UK’s many coastal paths. Reach new heights across the cliffs and forage for food in unexpected areas. With so much to explore in every season, you can't go wrong with the never-ending advantages of being by the sea.


Share your thoughts on how you guys like to spend your time by sea; we’d love to hear what you have to say!