6 Shocking Facts About Beach Pollution

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You are probably familiar with the news that the world is producing more plastic then it can recycle, but how much is actually affecting our oceans? We take a look at some of the most astonishing facts about beach pollution as well as explore what it is and where the majority of beach pollution comes from.

What is Beach Pollution?

In short, beach pollution is any unnatural or natural substance that poses a threat to the coastal environment.

There are many forms of beach pollution, including rubbish that has escaped from landfill, litter left on the beach and sewage, oil or pesticides that have entered the sea.

Extreme quantities of natural substances like phosphorous from fertilisers, animal waste and nitrogen are also regarded as pollutants.

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Why Does it Accumulate in the Ocean?

There are many reasons why beach pollution occurs. In instances where oil has entered the sea, it could be a result of accidental leakage.

In terms of physical rubbish items that make it to the world’s oceans, such as plastic bottles, cotton buds and carrier bags, an estimated two-thirds of it originates from land-based sources.

The rubbish is usually either taken by the tide when left on the beach or transported to the ocean during wet weather which washes it from landfill. Some are also items lost overboard at sea on boats and ships.

For more in-depth coverage on how rubbish makes it to the sea, take a look at our blog on why plastic is harmful to beach and ocean wildlife.

The Facts

Below, we reveal some of the most shocking facts about the effects of pollution on our coasts. Our stats have been provided by Surfers Against Sewage, an active charity dedicated to cleaning our beaches and tackling beach pollution.

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