6 Tips for Keeping the Beach Clean

A beach

Escaping to the tranquil paradise of the coast is most people’s idea of heaven. Here in the UK, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. From the stunning clear water of Cornwall to the captivating and rugged coast of Scotland, there is much to be proud of.

Unfortunately, not all beaches are adequately maintained by those who visit. Here at Wetsuit Centre, it is incredibly important to us that we look after our favourite places to visit; none of us want to be surfing amongst littered beaches, do we?

If you are curious about how you can look after our beloved seashores, we have some handy tips for you for wherever you are in the world, whether pre or post-beach visit.

A rocky coast in North Scotland

Leave Nothing But Footprints

When we visit the beach, it is essential that we collect any rubbish we may have accumulated on our outing. Leaving it in the sand can have dire consequences for wildlife and will inevitably be swept out to the ocean when the tide comes in. With an estimated 8.8 million metric tons of plastic deserted in the oceans across the world annually, we need to do all we can to ensure we minimise this number.

If you are unsure of the disposal facilities at the beach, take a bag so you can gather up your rubbish and discard it appropriately when possible.

Recycle Waste

However, taking our rubbish from the beach doesn’t mean just put it in the bin. A way to ensure it never leaks into the ocean is to ensure we recycle our rubbish and not just add it to landfill. A lot of litter ends up at the beach because it is blown away while in, or being transported to, landfill. It then tends to be carried through rivers and other waterways to the sea.

Make Any Rubbish ‘Cruelty Friendly’

Ensure you have cut any plastic, such as the plastic rings which keep multi-packs of beer together (aka. hi-cones). This is so that animals cannot get trapped inside it should they find themselves caught in the ocean with one in the unfortunate circumstance that landfill rubbish enters the sea.

A turtle in the sea

Be Aware Of Packaging

However, there is much more we can do and keeping our beaches clean starts way before we even go to the beach. It begins from when we purchase items in our weekly food shop and any single-use items we spontaneously buy wherever we are.

Try to avoid purchasing items that have unnecessary packaging, especially if you are on the way to the beach for the day. This not only limits the chance of accidentally leaving something behind, but it also reduces the accumulation of landfill.

Invest in Reusable Storage Items

Instead of buying single-use goods, invest in items such as reusable drinks bottles, silicone storage pouches or ‘Bee Green Wraps’ as well as storage boxes. These will sufficiently protect items, minus any unnecessary packaging or single-use items to keep any food you take to the beach fresh. Not only is this good for the environment, but it is also a financial investment as it will save you money in the long run.

Two sausages on a BBQ

Think About your BBQs

We all love to enjoy a delicious BBQ on the beach while the sun is going down, beer in hand! However, correctly disposing of a BBQ is essential for the health of the world’s beaches and oceans.

The first eco-conscious decision you can make is to choose a charcoal BBQ instead of a disposable one. This removes the unnecessary waste of a disposable BBQ and also allows you to choose good quality untreated charcoal which can be used in your garden instead of thrown away.

Under no circumstances should you bury or leave a BBQ on the beach and if you are throwing away a disposable BBQ in a bin, it must be left to cool completely first as it could cause a fire.

What do you do to ensure the beach stays clean and litter-free? Why not let us know on our social media channels? We would love to hear from you!

If you are unsure of basic beach safety for your next coastal trip, take a look at our guide. Wetsuit Centre supplies a wide range of equipment, from SUP boards to surfing and swimming wetsuits as well as all the essential beach accessories necessary to accompany you on your adventures.