6 Top Tips For Buying Your First Wetsuit

So, you have decided to take to the water for a new sport and now require the equipment needed for you to venture into the colder months without feeling the chilly winds or ice cold waters against your skin. Luckily, we have put together our top tips for buying your first wetsuit, giving you everything needed before you grab your board and head for the ocean.

#1 Think About The Price

Many people assume that only expensive wetsuits are of high quality, but this is simply not the case.

For those who don’t swim competitively, an entry level suit is more ideal, as they are thicker and will last longer compared to higher end suits that are usually made out of lighter, softer materials.

Therefore, don’t opt for the more expensive wetsuit as it isn’t necessarily right for you and your experience in the water, even though they may present themselves as being suitable for first-time wetsuit buyers.

#2 Different Wetsuits For Different Disciplines

If you are new to water sports then you are probably under the impression that all wetsuits are the same and just vary a little in thickness and colours. However, this isn’t true as they are all designed in completely different ways.

Wetsuits that are designed for triathlons are created purposely to prevent the water from leaving the suit and to assist with your swimming performance.

On the other hand, surfing wetsuits are designed to take water in and then heat it, in order to help keep you warm as you tackle the icy waters. Additionally, these suits are heavier as you are not required to swim in them.

Therefore, when you purchase your first wetsuit, make sure that it is appropriate for the discipline you are going to be taking part in.

#3 The Wetsuit Should Be Tight

When you go to try on the suit, don’t be taken aback by the tightness that the suit presents. Although it may feel a little snug at first, this is exactly how it’s meant to fit. Over time, you will adapt to the suit and feel more comfortable the more you wear and train in one.

Additionally, it is important you ensure that you are wearing the wetsuit correctly, as this could be a reason why it is feeling particularly tight. Ask an experienced member of staff in the store when you try on the wetsuit if you are unsure about the fitting.

#4 Consider The Thickness

Think about when and where you will be predominately wearing your wetsuit. If the answer is the UK, then you need to take the weather into consideration, especially the freezing cold winter months. With the temperatures dropping hugely during this period, opt for buying a wetsuit with a larger thickness than you would require for the warmer months.

As long as your wetsuit is suited to your water based activity and fits you correctly, you should be able to remain warm.

#5 Look At The Stitching

When you come to choosing your wetsuit, it is of paramount importance that you look at the stitching and how it has been put together.

The way in which the panels on the wetsuit are fastened together is done in a particular way in order to enhance flexibility and movement of the arms, making sure that there is no restriction when you take to the waves. So, don’t buy an incredibly cheap wetsuit from a supermarket, as the stitching won’t be as accurate and it may result in the material rubbing your skin and causing unnecessary irritation.

#6 Choose The Correct Size

Although the convenience of shopping online can be all too tempting, in order to ensure that your first wetsuit is the correct size, we would suggest that you try a number of them on within a physical store. Since this will be your first wetsuit, it is especially important because you don’t have any experience with wetsuits to compare to.

Hopefully these six top tips will help you when you come to buy your first wetsuit in the near future. If you require more help, contact. The Sorted Surf Shop and their expert team will happily advise you.