A Guide To Rash Vests

Whether you are new to surfing or you have just discovered rash vests (rashies or rash guards), knowing a little bit more about how they can protect you and how to know if they are fitted correctly or not, will be beneficial. Therefore, we have put together a quick guide to rash vests to help you make the most out of them when you are riding the waves.

What Are Rash Vests?

Firstly, it is important that you know what rash vests are and their purpose before you purchase your own.

Rash guards are simply thin tops that come in a range of different thicknesses, materials and styles for all different purposes and body types. There are two sole purposes to rashies, with the first being to provide protection from UV radiation emitted by the sun. This is caused when you are in water and sunrays start to reflect, which can increase the sun exposure to the skin.

Due to the wet nature of the sport, you don’t have a chance to dry off and put sun cream on your skin as you run in and out of the water. Therefore, by wearing a rash vest, you can protect yourself from the neck down to your waist, which means protection for your back, shoulders and arms.

The second function of rashies is to prevent the skin from surf rash caused by repeated friction from the contact between your wetsuit and the board. This very common rash can be eliminated by wearing a protective layer. You could use a rash guard which can help to reduce the discomfort caused by long periods of surfing.

What Are The Rash Vest Fashions?

Rash guards can either be worn with swimwear or under a wetsuit. This is a popular choice when the temperature of the sea is cold and you require extra warmth. Depending on the type of protection you require, you can choose from a variety of different materials including nylon, neoprene and polyester to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Rash vests are suitable for men, women and children and will help you to look the part as you ride the waves. With O’Neill and Billabong being two of the leading rash guard brands for women, you can guarantee that you will be purchasing a high-quality product at a very reasonable price. Once you are protected, you can shelter your children, including your toddler in a rashie, with many appealing colours for both genders.

What’s more, you can choose the style and colour of your rash guard, so you can be seen clearly as you take on the waves. Whether you like a subtle or outgoing look, there are a lot of different brands to choose from. This means you can really be yourself and wear a rash vest that suits your personality and style of surfboard.

How Does A Rash Vest Fit?

If your rashie feels a little snug, then you will have found the perfect fit. You don’t want to have any additional material getting in the way of your movement. Of course, if the rash vest is too tight, then you will have both restricted movement and probably circulation too!

Whether you surf or enjoy taking to other water sports, wear a rash guard and protect your skin from the sun whilst retaining warmth and preventing irritation. So, buy your rash guard, grab your surfboard and challenge those waves today.