A Guide To Caring For Your Wetsuit

How to care for your wetsuit

So you paid your money for the wetsuit and your getting ready to use it for the first time. We have put together a check list of before and after use of your wetsuit to help maintain its life and ensure your stay warm and comfortable.

Before use

1. To make it easier to get it on you can sometimes be better to fold the wetsuit half way down so you put it on almost like putting on a pair of trousers and then you can pull it up over the shoulders.

2. Be careful when putting the wetsuit on not to pull the smooth skin part of the wetsuit (the front panel of the wetsuit) as this can tear easy with nails digging into it, when you pull it up always grab the neoprene.

3. If its a chest zip then always pull over on shoulders first as the other side will then be easier to put on, if you try both at the same time you may get stuck.

4. If putting on a back zip then use the strap at the back of the wetsuit to pull up the zip, it can sometimes help by leaning forward and flicking it over your shoulder.

5. Once the wetsuit is on then pull the material around your body to get the best fit, the new neoprenes being so stretchy can stick to your body so need to be adjusted for maximum fitting.

6. If the wetsuit is baggy around the lumber region its to big and will collect water and make you cold so seek sizing advise before using.

7. Your now in your wetsuit so go have fun........

A video guide to caring / washing for your wetsuit