Advanced Surfing Tips & Techniques

Advanced Surfing Tips & Techniques

Whether you've been surfing for years or you're looking to move from being an intermediate to an advanced surfer, here are some tips and techniques which can help you advance your surfing.

Tips For Surfers

Take your time watching the waves and where they're breaking to calculate the right take-off time along with the speed of the tide. Sometimes it can help to move to one side slightly, as just a bit of a shift to the right or left can make it easier to catch the wave and enjoy riding for longer. Once you have mastered this skill you can spend hour upon hour in the waves making the most of the new sport.

Try To Get Your Fitness Up

Before you get on a surfboard, it's good to feel as strong and fit as possible. Start adding some extra cardio and strengthening exercises into your fitness regime to make your first time surfing as fun as possible.

Lower Your Centre Of Gravity

This is one of those tips we all know we should do, but we can forget once we're on the water and chasing a wave. Sometimes taking your surfing to the next level involves going back to basics. Stay low to increase stability and you'll even gain speed on the waves too.

Practice Off The Water

You don't have to be on your board to improve your technique. At home, watch surfing videos and consider how you would ride that wave. You can't actually be at sea every day, but you can use the good old internet to view waves and consider your technique.

Techniques For Advanced Surfers

Broaden the workable area on the wave to raise your performance. Extend the wave surface area that you use to complete your cutback then snap off the top. It's a great technique to improve performance and fight more time on the wave.

Rail-To-Rail Surfing

Increase your rail-to-rail technique to get the most out of every ride. Intermediate surfing techniques require immense focus. It's a great way to build the core strength and elevate your surfing experience.

Focus On One Goal At A Time

To improve your technique, it's important to focus on one thing at a time. This way you can make sure that your form is correct and you won't make any simple mistakes. Consider where you most need and want to improve and move down the list, improving one element at a time.

Improving your technique as a surfer involves work away from the surf. Make sure you sleep well and rest up between surfing sessions. Eating well, exercising to build strength and stamina will make your time on the waves far more enjoyable. Also, make sure to swim regularly so that you get a feel for the water and are prepared for any wipeouts and can swim strongly. You could also consider taking up skateboarding so you get even more of that balancing practice away from the water.