9 Benefits of Bodyboarding

A bodyboarder catching a wave


If you are considering a new sport, bodyboarding has many advantages for the mind and body - not to mention being incredibly practical for travelling to all your favourite beaches! Get ready to discover the wonderful world of bodyboarding, and never look back!


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A Fun Form of Exercise


Bodyboarding is exercise without even realising it because it’s so enjoyable!


With sessions usually lasting anywhere from half an hour to three hours,  it improves your cardiovascular fitness as your lungs and heart work hard to pump blood to your muscles. In the winter, they will be working even more to keep you warm!


As you advance, you will find that paddling for waves requires a substantial amount of strength as you balance on your board. Not only does it increase the power in your arms, but it also works out your chest and upper body.


Kicking to gain extra speed to catch waves works out your leg muscles too!


Good for the Brain


Being in the great outdoors in any sense is good for the body and soul. Water is renowned for having a calming effect on the mind, and bodyboarding encompasses the ocean's tranquillity with the fun of the waves.


As we exercise, happy hormones are released in our brains, including serotonin, regulating our mood and mental wellbeing. Bodyboarding does this as we paddle for, balance on and ride waves! Not to mention extra exercise, such as walking to and from the beach!


A bodyoarder running into the sea with a bodyboard


Do It Any Time 


With wetsuits advancing year after year, you aren’t only restricted to enjoying the ocean in the warmer months! Bodyboarding is a year-round sport, meaning you can include it in your routine if you wish!


Suitable for Any Age


One of the best parts of bodyboarding is that anyone can enjoy it, at any age! Just like surfing, as long as you can swim, you’re pretty much good to go!


Whether you have young children who need entertaining in the summer, or you’re looking for a gentle form of physical activity to chill out in the evening with, bodyboarding transfixes many, from all walks of life!


A bodyboarder on a broken wave


Can Be as Competitive as Much or as Little as You Want


Oh, but don’t be misled! Bodyboarding isn’t only for those searching for a gentle form of exercise; you can amp it up by riding bigger waves and performing incredible tricks, depending on how serious you want to take it. 


Bodyboarding is performed competitively, on some of the most intense waves across the world. The biggest wave ever bodyboarded was by Magno Passos in Jaws/ Peahi, who rode a 45 ft beast at the notorious surf break.


Great for the Whole Family


Bodyboarding, like surfing, is a fantastic watersport that can bring the family together. It can add fun memories to your family holidays and bond generations together over a newfound family tradition. 


A bodyboarder in the lip of a wave

Enjoy the Sea at Its Most Beautiful


Bodyboarding allows you to make the most of the sea during some of the most stunning times of the day. Nothing beats the beauty of sunrise while in the ocean or a fiery sunset as you catch the waves! A dawny can make all the difference to your mindset.


Easy to Transport


Bodyboards are incredibly easy to transport from beach to beach! Being relatively small compared to a surfboard, you can simply put it in a bag and take it with you anywhere you go. Being so portable, you can pop them in your car, or easily take them with you on public transport!


Opportunity to Travel


Similar to surfing, bodyboarding naturally accompanies an exciting life of wave-searching! As you become addicted, you will always be searching for the perfect waves and will be eager to go on more trips to find perfect breaks!


Why are you considering becoming a bodyboarder? Why not share your thoughts and questions with our online community through our social media channels! 


If you want to perfect your technique, click the link to our useful guide for beginner bodyboarders!


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