Best Surfing Locations In Europe for Autumn

We’re heading back into shorter days, longer nights and barer beaches as the kids head back to school at the start of September! Although we might have to wish the sun goodbye on some days, early autumn is often the best time of year to get your wetsuit on and head to the beach. In fact, the UK venues and beaches are amongst the very best surfing locations in Europe for Autumn.

Cromer Beach, Norfolk

It may come as a surprise but on the East coast of England, from Sherringham down to Cromer, the waves and pretty decent swells roll in from the North sea for some fantastic Autumn surfing! Cromer pier provides a lot of protection from the wind and conditions are best when the tide is up or half-in. Nice, clean waves that stick to around 3-4 feet are pretty common, making Cromer one of the best surfing locations in Europe for beginners looking to keep progressing through Autumn.

The North Sea is largely untouched by the warmth of the Gulf stream and even after the sun has been on the waters all summer, it’s still going be chilly out there! Make the most of some of the best waves in Britain and don’t forget your thick, winter wetsuit!

Hossegor, France

France enjoys their peak surf season throughout summer and into the Autumn when the water is still warm. The waves are ‘friendlier’ and perhaps better suited for your first surfing holiday or for a beginner if you visit in the summer but as the temperatures begin to drop in September and October, the swells start to grow.

Hossegor is one of the best surfing locations in Europe because of the reliability of the waves, even in Autumn. French school holidays also leave the beaches pretty empty, so you can have your choice of wave and there is less risk of being cut off! In October, floods of surfer’s head to Hossegor as the swells begin to roll into South West France. The beaches will get pretty packed again, but it’s worth it to see some of the best surfer’s in the world take advantage of the best hollow beach breaks. Check out Les Culs Nus for a thrill or La Sud beach in Hossegor for a sheltered beginner wave!

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are found off the coast of North West Africa. The warmer climes and southern location make prime surfing season run from September – March. The waves are often powerful as they roll in from the South Atlantic Ocean, but the islands are the perfect place for experienced surfers to spend a chilled, sun-filled autumn weekend.

Fuerteventura is notably one of the best surfing locations in Europe in the Autumn months. The temperature on this island hardly ever drops below 20 degrees, even in the coldest months, so you’ll only need to pack shorty wetsuits and rash vests or boardies! The north of the island hides some sweet swells and fantastic surfing! The beaches of Fuerteventura all have different breaks due to deep reefs meters below the surface. This is just another thing that makes Fuerteventura one of the best surfing locations in Europe – diversity and you’ll never get bored!