Paddleboarding in Wetsuit Centre wetsuit

Paddle-boarding is one of the most popular water sports in the UK; it is a versatile sport with many activities you can try with your SUP. This includes exploring the remote UK coastline, SUP surfing, racing, or even fishing! All require a different approach and different equipment. 

Some of the critical things to consider when purchasing a stand-up paddle boarding wetsuit include:

  1. The time of year you intend to be in the water
  2. The temperature of the climate 
  3. The activity you plan to do most
  4. How easily you feel and cope with the cold 
  5. The types of movements you will be required to perform

Do I Need A Wetsuit When Paddle Boarding? 

A wetsuit isn't necessary for the occasional SUPing excursion in the height of summer. When the sun is shining, and temperatures reach their peak, you would be perfectly comfortable in a swimming costume or shorts.

Carrying paddle board in paddle-boarding wetsuit

However, outside of those rare Uk heatwaves, being on the open water with nothing but a standard swimming costume can be quite an uncomfortable experience. Wearing a wetsuit will not only keep you warm when you fall into the water, but it will also protect you against UV rays and wind-burn, which is very common when SUPing.  

We have a range of stand-up paddle boards for sale through Wetsuit Centre, including;

  • Entry-level paddle board packages 
  • Inflatable paddle boards 
  • Hard-deck paddle boards 

O'Neill Reactor- Best Full-Length Wetsuit For Paddle-Boarding  

First on our list is one of the more obvious choices, and that's the esteemed O'Neill Reactor wetsuit. 

O'Neill is a brand that has been at the forefront of the wetsuit industry since its inception in the 1950s. It has continued to produce high-quality and intelligently designed wetsuits that can be used in a range of water sports. 

The 3/2mm neoprene that the reactor is composed of works fantastically with the niche mobility required for paddle boarding, while keeping you toasty and warm. The smooth skin surface protects you from any wind burn, and the seams and stitching are strategically placed to ensure that abrasion on the skin is kept to a minimum.

Man in paddle boarding wetsuit

Top Tip: If you find your wetsuit is irritating and rubbing against your skin, try wearing a rash rest to add an extra layer of protection—Wetsuit Centre stocks a range of rash vests for men, women and children. 

Ripcurl Omega- Best Shorty Wetsuit For Paddle Boarding 

The next suit on the list also comes from an iconic brand, and that's Rip Curl. For over 40 years, they have been designing and manufacturing wetsuits made to make your time in the water as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

For the vast majority, stand-up paddle boarding is a warmer weather activity; we often glide along the crisp, clear water as the sun sets over the horizon on a hot summer's evening. If this is the case for you, then a short summer wetsuit is all you require. 

The Rip Curl Omega range includes a fantastic shorty wetsuit for men, women and children alike and is perfect for all summer water sports. It is a lightweight but durable suit with advanced features that make it highly flexible while still remaining comfortable. 

The Ripcurl Omega Shorty wetsuit consists of the premium E5 neoprene on the arm panels, which has 30% more stretch and offers 10% more thermal protection than the E4. Throughout the lower part of the wetsuit that requires less flexibility, the E3 neoprene is used; it is still lightweight and flexible; however, it keeps the price of the suit at an entry-level cost. 

C Skin Element 3/2mm Long John- Best Long John Wetsuit For SUPing 

One type of design we don't often see in the UK is the long john; however, it can offer immense benefits for a paddle boarder. A long john wetsuit allows maximum upper body movement due to the lack of material on the arms and shoulders. Almost all the mobility and movement that are required are from your upper body and shoulders when propelling yourself across the water with a paddle. 

The Element series has focused on combining performance technology with unrivalled value. A solid choice for a long john wetsuit is the C- Skin Element 3/2mm long john wetsuit. The suit is constructed with a Super Seal Glideskin collar for excellent comfort and durable Dura Flex knee pads. C-Skins have used their exclusive Xtend neoprene in the shoulder and sleeves to allow for optimum flexibility. 

Xcel Axis Long Sleeve 1/0.5mm- Best Wetsuit Top For paddle Boarding 

As we mentioned before, if you are only paddle boarding throughout the warmest month of the year in the UK, and you aren't bothered by a slight chill, then you don't necessarily need a full wetsuit. However, you still need some form of protection from UV rays, windburn and wind chill. That's where a neoprene wetsuit jacket is a perfect solution. 

The Xcell Axis long-sleeved wetsuit top is one of the best on the market while remaining at an entry-level friendly price point. It is made of high-quality and flexible 100% performance neoprene, with 1mm on the upper body and sleeves for warmth and 0.5mm on the under arms and side panels to promote manoeuvrability. The jacket is designed to stand the test of time. 

Hopefully this has given you some options to consider when deciding which wetsuit to purchase for stand-up paddle boarding. In summary, ensure you have thought about the time of year you will be jumping in the water, how long you will spend in the water and the type of activity you intend to do with your sup. Once you have the answer to those questions, deciding the best kind of suit for your paddle boarding adventures should be straightforward. 

If you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to contact the Wetsuit Centre, and we can talk you through your options to find the perfect fit.