Best Surfing Wetsuits for Winter 2014

Best Surfing Winter Wetsuits

So you are thinking of buying a winter for this winter and have a budget to spend.

If you are looking in the £100 to £150 mark then our suggestions are would be as follows:

1. O'Neill Epic a good quality 5/4mm wetsuit £129 which has great stretch material in the body of the wetsuit keeping you unrestricted in the water and giving you a better fit. It also features thermal chest and back linings for added warmth.

2. Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3mm back zip wetsuit £149 this is in essence is the E Bomb from last year as the suit is now 100% E3 super stretch and has the bonus of the flash dry lining. A bit more than the Epic but considering the E Bomb was £229 this is amazing value and a top recommendation from us.

3. Billabong Foil 5/4 wetsuit wither back zip or chest zip £149 which is another 100% super stretch wetsuit with thermal chest and back panels for added warmth. Always a top seller from Billabong.

4. O'Neill Superfreak 5/3 wetsuit is a new model for 2014 priced £149 and has proved to be an instant winner featuring a chest zip entry system with front smooth skin panel to prevent wind penetration and thermal inner lining. Great stretch for good movement and thermal lining on the chest and back to keep your body heat in the wetsuit.

If your looking to pay £150 to £200

1. Top pick without a doubt is the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3mmchest zip 5/3 £169, this wetsuit as the back zip is in essence the E Bomb of previous seasons with the addition of thermal lining flash dry lining. E3 & E4 stretch means unhindered movement and fantastic value.

2. O'Neill Psycho 1 5/3 wetsuit £199 is all about performance with minimal panels on the wetsuit you are assured of one of the most flexible wetsuits on the market. I would say great for those that don't feel the cold as much and want to feel like there not even wearing a wetsuit in the winter.

3. Xcel Axis 5/3 wetsuit comes from the Xcel range and is born from the infiniti series. Xcel are all about warmth and i would say have the thickest cut of neoprene on the market. Not the most flexible of wetsuits but one of the warmest.

Your budget is over the £200 mark

1. Top choice from us is the Rip Curl Flash bomb 5/3 wetsuit £319, i have worn this for the last two winter seasons and have got to say is the best in flex and warmth that i have ever had in a wetsuit. The flash dry lining is a back comb polypro material so even when you put it on it feels like it's going to be warm. Weather that is a mental thing or not it works and has got great reviews from anyone that has one. Using the E3 and E4 materials its great for feeling that you have a summer rather than a winter wetsuit on, so if you want to be in the water as long as possible with getting tired this is the one.

2. O'Neill Psycho 3 5/3mm £289 is from the O'Neill range of Psycho wetsuits which every year proves to be a best seller. It now features TechnoButter neoprene which is the lightest neoprene on the market so this really does feel like putting on a summer wetsuit. TechnoButter also is 30% less water intake so the wetsuit will not get heavy and cold. It's also firewall thermal lined so your heat is kept inside the wetsuit.

3. C-Skins Wired 5/3 wetsuit £269 is a British made wetsuit which is designed to keep you as warm as possible. A full thermal lined wetsuit with the addition of air neoprene which is designed to be a better conductor of heat than standard neoprene. Good flex but not the most flexible of wetsuits saying that it is very warm so even on the coldest days of the year you will still be in the water the longest.

Hoped this brief run down of some of the best sellers has helped in your quest to buy a new wetsuit.