Billabongs New UK Rider Liam Turner

Stand Up and Be Counted with Liam Turner

Big aerial rotations? Check. Forehand gouges? Check. Big barrels? Check. At only 16 years old, Liam Turner’s surfing already has all the building blocks for a successful career in professional surfing. Hailing from Bude, on the UK's Cornwall coast, the powerful goofyfooter is right now traveling the world, surfing, filming and competing, with his mind focused on one thing; being a better surfer. "Right now I’m traveling through Indo for a few months and then I’m heading to Australia," said Turner from his temporary base in Bali. "All up it will be a six month trip and I’m planning to do the pro juniors in Oz as well make a few video clips like the one I made here before I left."

As seen from this clip, even at a young age Liam’s surfing has an element of old school power. However as a keen skater and having growing up in the shadow of Bude’s high flying Ruebyn Ash, his aerial act is pretty explosive. “After my Dad, Ruebyn has been one of the biggest influences on my surfing," Liam says. "I mean I Iove to land big airs, but I would still rather get stand up barrels."Getting stand up tubes shouldn’t be a problem over the next six months as Liam travels to some of the best waves on the planet and sets about building himself a career in surfing. "I really want to win at least one European or Australian pro junior next year, that’s a big goal. Right now though, I just want to get as many good waves as I can."Stay tuned as Liam dumps more clips of his travels and aerial antics on the web, a 16 year old grom ready, able and willing to make a bright future in surfing.

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