C Skins team rider wins Nixon Pro

Vincent Duvignac wins Nixon Surf Challenge 2013

For the third year running a Frenchman has won the Nixon Surf Challenge and this year it is in the form of C-Skins Team Rider, Vincent Duvignac (Duvi). This year’s surf challenge took place during the 13-19th May in frosty Iceland, in the freezing 3 and a quarter foot waves and with an outside temperature of below 2⁰C.

The Nixon surf challenge emphasizes free-surfing, style and a relaxed atmosphere and the overall winner is based on Nixon’s distinct method of team voting; the competition is judged by the riders themselves. Duvi was unanimously chosen as the overall winner due to his unfailing motivation and performance in the Icy waves of Iceland.

Duvi wore the C-Skins HotWired 5x3 Steamer during the challenge.