Exercises for Surfing Preparation, Conditioning to Improve Performance

Best Exercises For Surfing Preparation

It’s no secret surfing is a physically challenging exercise – it requires incredible balance, core strength, and even great posture to be safe and successful! So, whether you’re a surf pro, or a new beginner, it’s always important to take part in some balance exercises for surfing before you get out onto your board. There are a few types of exercise you can take part in to improve your strength beforehand, which we will cover here– so that you can make sure you’re at the top of your game while riding the waves! The important thing to remember is that surfing uses all areas of the body and these exercises need to work synergistically together. For example, your balance exercises for surfing will compliment and help you with your core exercises and improve your overall conditioning – so don’t skimp out and get training!

Exercises for surfing preparation;

  • Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise you can partake in to prepare your body for surfing – surfing requires strong arm, back and shoulder muscles, something that swimming exercises help you to build. This is because when you are paddling with your board under you, you need the strength of your arm muscles to help guide you through the water. To strengthen these muscles, we recommend doing fast laps in your local pool of all different types of stroke (breaststroke and front crawl in particular). The more vigorously you swim, the more you’ll be training those muscles up!

  • Yoga

There are many incredible benefits to yoga for physical health, as well as its amazing benefits for mental health, focus and mindfulness. Yoga contributes to increased flexibility and muscle strength and tone, as well as improving circulatory and respiratory health – all things that are very useful for professional surfers and amateurs alike. For toning your arms, we recommend the plank position, as well as the Crane Pose, Downward Facing Dog, and Dolphin Pose. To practice core exercises for surfing, the Boat Pose and Chair Pose are incredibly effective. If you’re nervous to try yoga, there are many free, very informative yoga teaching videos online that you can try out before committing to attending a class!

Balance exercises for surfing;

Good balance is key for a keen surfer – if you can’t balance on dry land, how are you meant to balance on the board? Luckily, you don’t have to get thrown in at the deep end to practice, there are many exercises you can take part in that mimic the motion of the rocky waves and will help train you up for the real deal. Here are just a few exercises for surfing preparation you can try at home.

An example of a simple balance exercises for surfing you can perform in the comfort of your own home is balancing with one leg up in the air and getting this to a point where you no longer feel wobbly. Simply stand with one leg bent under you and hold still until you are confident in this position.

Then, to mimic the unpredictable nature of the sea, you can begin practicing this move, adding other factors into the mix. For example, you can do this move while throwing a ball into the air and catching it. Then again, once you’ve mastered this, add another factor in – like standing on a balancing ball, or a wobbly surface, such as a pillow. Finally, try to balance on a wobbly surface with your eyes shut – but of course, always practice these exercises in an area where you would be safe should you fall over! This will help to replicate the feeling of standing on a surf board and help you find your board legs, on  dry land.

Core exercises for surfing;

  • Planking

Aside from excellent balance and strong arms, surfers must have toned and trained core muscles. Toned core muscles contribute towards full body balance and strength. To help train these muscles, we recommend taking part in some core exercises for surfing. The first of the exercises for surfing preparation we recommend is the ‘plank’ move. To do the ‘plank’, lie on your front with your firsts clasped, and your forearms on the floor. Push your bodyweight up so you are laying horizontal, resting on your forearms and on the tips of your toes. Make sure your back and bottom are lying flat and aren’t ‘popping up’ or are concave. Hold this position for as long as you comfortably can – time yourself and see how long you can do it for, trying to increase your personal best every time!

  • Crunches

Another core exercise for surfing is the classic ‘crunch’. Crunches are one of the best exercises for targeting core muscles, as they require your middle to support your upper body. Simply lay down with your knees bent, and plant your feet on the floor, about your hip’s width apart. Cross your arms against your chest, and then lift your upper back, to ‘crunch’ yourself up. You can do this in short, quick bursts – up and down – or try and hold it for longer. Once you’ve mastered this move, you can even make it harder for yourself (and train your core up faster) by crunching side to side while holding a medicine ball, or even by hi-fiving a gym buddy on your way up from the crunch.

Now that you’ve trained your core and practiced your balance, it’s time for you to get out there! These exercises for surf preparation are great for your overall health as well as other water sports, like stand-up paddle boarding. If you’re a newbie, these exercises are ideal to help you progress quickly.