Surfer in wetsuit balancing on a surfboard riding a wave

Every surfer ultimately hits that plateau: you can ride waves on your own, and your pop up is getting faster every time. But once you're up, it feels like a coin toss whether or not you're able to ride into the beach. Your balance isn't quite up to the task.

For intermediate and advanced surfers, the same challenge faces them. In order to progress and finally start landing those sharp turns and tricks, you need to improve your balance when out in the water. There are a number of things you can do on land to help improve your balance in the water.

What Exercises Can Help With Surfing? 

Exercising has copious amounts of health benefits, and there are specific exercises you can do to help improve your balance. Leg stability and core strengthening exercises can make a real difference in improving your surfing. In addition to that, working out will keep you at  peak fitness and endurance. 

Leg Balance Exercises to improve your balance

The great thing about this exercise is that not only does it help to improve your balance, but it also helps to strengthen your lower body too, which will really help when you begin to pump your board along the wave to generate speed. Here is how you do it:

  1. Stand with your weight evenly distributed between both of your legs (your feet should be about hip-width apart).
  2. Move your weight to your right foot and raise your left foot. Try to hold this position for at least 30 seconds. 
  3. Put your hands to your hips and raise your left leg to your side. 
  4. Bend one leg to your knee. 
  5.  Stay in this position for another 30 seconds.
  6.  Go back to your starting position and repeat. 

Like any exercise, you need to achieve symmetry within your body, so don't forget to perform this on the opposite leg.

Repeat it three times on both sides while slowly increasing the reps. This may sound easy but try doing this single leg balance with your eyes closed and find out if it is still that easy.

You can kick it up a notch again by bringing a ball into the mix for those who are as steady as a rock on land. It's the same instructions as above, but now get a tennis ball, throw it up, and catch it without losing your equilibrium. You can also throw the tennis ball on a wall and catch it.

Other Exercises To Improve Your Balance

It will take more than just the occasional leg exercises to improve your balance, our stability stems from our core muscles, so strengthening them can in turn improve your balance. Why not try these exercises to build up these core muscles:

  • Wide press ups (arms straight out from shoulders, elbows at 90°).
  • Diamond press ups (both hands make the shape of a diamond).
  • Staggered press ups (one arm higher than the other – 5 on each side).
  • Tricep press ups (arms tucked in, touching your sides).
  •  Sit ups.
Surfer exercising to improve balance

Make Sure You Have A Well Fitting Wetsuit.

When it comes to surfing, your body needs to be strong and healthy; the better condition you are in physically, the easier progressing will be. That being said, there are some factors outside of your body that will also affect your balance, and one of those is an ill fitting wetsuit. 

Wearing a wetsuit that is too tight is going to seriously limit your movement; you won't be able to stay low and compact in the legs, and a tight suit will pull your upper body forward and cause your centre of gravity to shift. 

Lucky for you, Wetsuit Centre has in stock a diverse collection of wetsuits to suit all budgets and requirements, from children's winter wetsuits to the latest technology in men's and women's summer wetsuits.

Can Skateboarding Help Improve Balance?

The correlation between surfing and skateboarding is undeniable. They share the same basic skill set, the control is almost identical, and the culture is synonymous with one another. Many surfers find their passion for the waves through skateboarding in their adolescence, but if that isn't the case for you, then maybe it's time to pick up some wheels and hit the concrete.  

There are countless skateboards for surfers explicitly designed to hone their skills on flat days where surfing isn't possible; you can practise keeping your balance while performing sweeping turns and aerial tricks.

Skateboarder improving his balance

Can An Indo Board Help With Balance?

Indo Boards came out with the first balance boards designed and manufactured for surfers who wanted to train on land. They are a fantastic tool to train your muscle memory when on the ground, so you are ready to get back in the water when the swell arrives. They have been around since 1998, and there is a good reason for it, Indo boards are designed to bring lots of fun, agility and tricks into your balance training.

Since the Indo Board Original's release, there have been additional variations introduced to surfers, skaters, general board riders and anyone else who wants to work on their balance and core strength.

Use Indo Board For Surfing When There Is No Surf

One of the best features of training with a balance board for surfers is it can be used under almost any condition or location. During periods of bad weather and poor surf conditions, you can use the Indo Board to maintain your muscle memory, core strength and flexibility.

With regular practice in the water and dedicated training on land you can improve your balance in no time, and as a result, your wave count will increase and your surfing improve, and what surfer doesn't want that! If you have any question on purchasing the right wetsuit for yourself or someone else, contact Wetsuit Centre and we would be happy to help.