New Inflatable Wetsuit

This wetsuit maybe a new life saving device for the neoprene market. If you find yourself wiping out under a seriously heavy wave at Mavericks, and you’re drowning; pull the cord! Yes, simply pull the cord of this wetsuit and this wetsuit will submerge you to safety by inflating.

We agree you will look like a gimp when you rise to the top, but hey your life will be saved!

We think these wetsuits are great idea even though it looks a total shocker when activated. Do you think this will catch on? Billabong launched their V1 inflatable wetsuit some time ago and we think we have a much better product. Unlike Billabong, there’s not going to be a high profile media campaign, we think this thing will sell its self.

So before we go to marker would you buy one we would like to know our customers opinions?