New Shark Wetsuit For Swimming

New Wetsuit For Swimmers To Stay Safe In Shark Waters.

South African based open water swim wetsuit company Blu Smooth are currently testing out a Shark repellant wetsuit. Given the waters of South Africa are notorious for being infested with all varieties of shark, it would seem there is no better place to test out this new product. The design uses a white swirl design which when the swimmer is on the surface the sharks view point leads it to believe there is nothing more than surface water and not a tasty swimmer.

Designer Kevin Richards believes this will appeal to swimmers that like to air on the side of caution when it comes to entering water where sharks are also frequent. The design will also appeal to those who just like the look of the effect. You have to say it really does look state of art and if it can keep you free of teeth then it may well be worth trying out.

In a recent swim Blu Smooth CEO Kevin Richards tested the wetsuit in a race in Port Elizabeth and given the swim crossed into a shipping lane and a site of previous shark attacks we are pleased to report the swim passed without incident.

Either way we think this suit looks pretty cool and although the UK is free of sharks we are looking to have an offering of them in the near future.