O'Neill PsychoTech Product Review

O'Neill Psychotech Wetsuit Review

O'Neill Wetsuits have produce a new wetsuit for winter 2016 in the Psychotech chest zip for Men and Women. 

We have to say it's really surprised us on how good this wetsuit is in terms of the construction and feel. For starters it uses the Technobutter which is O'Neill's light weight and fast drying neoprene. When you turn the wetsuit inside out you see the groves are in channels that are designed to filter the water out of the suit keeping you as dry as possible. It's really flexible and when you put it on it feels like you are wearing a summer suit instead of a winter. It also features air neoprene which is like hundreds of air bubbles in the chest panel, this retains body heat keeping you warmer. It also benefits from a firewall layer on the chest and kidneys and what this actual means is that a polypro thermal lining is attached to the neoprene. This lining reflects and retains heat inside the wetsuit so that you can stay warmer for longer.

How Does The Pyschotech Perform?

We took the 5mm winter wetsuit out for a test run to see how it would feel and perform. So getting the wetsuit on is always a mission and the key is getting one arm in first as it makes it easy to pop the other side over you shoulder. Bearing in mind it's September and the water is still warm, when I entered the water it felt super warm as you would expect. The entire suit is so flexible it really does feel like you are wearing a summer suit and you have complete freedom of movement. After a 3 hour surf i felt aas warm as i did when i entered the water and i can say it is defiantely one of the best suits i have ever worn. Last year i wore the Rip Curl Flash Bomb and as a comparison the O'Neill definately felt more flexible and just as warm. I then hung the wetsut to see how long it would take to dry out and within 20 minutes it was dry. The weather was cloudy and about 15C so i would say on a winters day it would have to take more time to dry out.

In summary i give the Psychotech a big thumbs up and the first O'Neill wetsuit that i have considered to be one of the best suits money can buy. I hope this review helps.