O'Neill HyperFreak Fire 2023 Wetsuit Review

The autumn of 2023 has brought us some exciting new products in the world of wetsuits! The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire 23 has hit the shelves and is causing quite a stir. 

O'Neill has been a front-runner in wetsuit technology since its inception in the 1950s in Santa Cruz, so it is no surprise that they are pioneers in producing the latest and greatest wetsuit technology. They continually outperform their previous endeavours to bring the world some of the greatest wetsuits on the market, and the Hyperfreak Fire is no different. 

The previous O'Neill Hyperfreak range was a favourite amongst surfers due to its unparalleled flexibility. The Hyperfreak Fire has been designed with the same principles in mind but with improved technology and performance.It is an outstanding winter wetsuit, providing unrestricted freedom of movement while keeping you warm in the colder seasons. 

Winter wetsuit in the snow

What Neoprene Is Used In The Hyper Freak Fire?

The most exciting change O'Neill has made in this new addition to the Hyperfreak range is the neoprene technology used. This is the first time we are seeing the Technobutter 4, or TB4 and the TB4X used in a wetsuit.

The TB4 boasts:

  1. Fiery warmth  
  2. Unparalleled flexibility 
  3. Increased durability 

The Hyperfreak wetsuit range can boast such desirable qualities due to the innovative design and increased number of air bubbles within the neoprene. Over the top, the jersey material that covers and protects the neoprene is more flexible than traditional jersey materials used on wetsuits, and it is faster drying. 

They have also integrated recycled graphene into the construction of the jersey material, which assists in durability, as well as making it a more sustainable option! And that's not all; the addition of recycled graphene also increases the thermal properties of the wetsuit by absorbing and storing your body heat, creating a 'thermal feedback loop'. 

This previously meant that the Hyperfreak range constructed with the TB3 and TB3X were a little less durable; however, O'Neill claims that they have addressed this issue in the TB4 neoprene. 

All of these qualities are wrapped up in a fantastic performance wetsuit; it truly is one of the best on the market. That's right; it offers even more thermal protection and manoeuvrability than its predecessors! 

The TB4 is used in the body's core areas, allowing for increased thermal protection for the more cold-sensitive parts of your body, meaning you can comfortably stay in the cold U.K. waters for as long as you like!

The increased flexibility of the suit is created by the placement of the TB4X in the areas of the body that require the most movement, such as under the arms. O'Neill has placed the highly flexible TB4X in less prone to wear and tear areas, meaning that the Hyperfreak Fire would be considered more durable. 

The Thermal Lining Inside The Hyperfreak Fire 

The most notable difference between the previous Hyperfreak and the Hyperfreak Fire is the addition of the Firewall thermal lining, which is where the wetsuit gets its name.

O'Neill has incorporated the new Technobutter 4 firewall lining across the entire wetsuit, increasing thermal retention considerably. Furthermore, a raised firewall lining stretches from the top of the chest, down the torso and ends above the knee. This raised lining is slightly thicker and has almost a furry texture to it, which is buttery soft against the skin and increases the wetsuit's warmth.

The Stitching, Seams And Taping On The Hyperfreak Fire 

Previously the Hyperfreak consisted of internal Technobutter taping along the seams; however, on the Hyperfreak Fire, this is no longer the case. They have done away with that and, in its place, have chosen to opt for exterior fluid seam welds, which complement the glued and blind stitch seams nicely. 

This method increases the rigidity of the seam and durability of the wetsuit overall without compromising on flexibility. This tried and tested method of externally taping seams has proven time and time again that you won't have to suffer with cold sea water seeping through the stitching, meaning you stay warmer for longer and can surf in comfort.

The Entry Systems Of The Hyperfreak Fire 

Another exciting change that has been brought with the hyper freak fire is the option for a traditional back zip entry. The Z.E.N. back zip is a relatively short zip and is paired with an anti-flush barrier that goes up and over the wearer’s head, creating an effective seal. 

The F.U.Z.E. chest zip options, which can also be found in the previous Hyperfreak wetsuits, have been designed with anti-flush barriers to ensure the minimum amount of seepage through the zipper, and the small amount that does enter is carried out either through drain holes or the chest entry.

The New Eco-Conscious Generation Of Wetsuits. 

The world today demands sustainability, especially from industry-leading brands. Consumers now look for and favour eco-friendly options for the products they buy, and O'Neill has heard this and responded with the Hyperfreak Fire. 

The wetsuit is constructed from: recycled plastic, recycled Spandex and recycled oyster shells 

They have taken something unused and unwanted and created an incredible watersports wetsuit. 

That's not all, either. O'Neill now uses a dying process called dope dying, which offers a substantial reduction in the water used to dye the materials as well as a reduction in the energy and chemical used. 

So if you are looking for a high-quality and unparalleled performance wetsuit with sustainability at the front of its construction, then look no further. The Hyperfreak Fire truly is the best winter wetsuit for surfers currently on the market!