Review O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuits Range 2016

O'Neill Superfreak Wetsuits Review

The O'Neill Superfreak has proved to be one of the best selling summer and winter wetsuit ranges for men, women and kids for very good reason. Wetsuit Centre takes a look at why they are so popular and what all the jargon means.

At a price bracket of under £160 the suit is 100% super stretch which mean the suit has strechty neoprene in all panels. This means you have no restriction in the water and the better the fit the easier it is to move. Also the material clings to the body meaning you will also stay warmer for longer. A thermal chest panel is the polypro material designed to keep your body heat in the suit so again you stay warmer for longer.

Chest Zip Wetsuits

Now a chest zip wetsuit is more difficult to get into as you have a small entry system at the top of the suit. The key to getting into the suit is one trail and error but also pulling the material to the middle of your body first then just put on shoulder panel over at the widest point of the suit. Once this is on then pop the other shoulder of and place the head piece over and zip yourself in. The idea behind a chest zip suit is that one you do not have any restriction at the back so better movement. Less water can enter the suit as a back zip has the potential to let in water.

Let's have a look at the video review to see what Jeff has to say about the wetsuits.