Otter attacks triathlete

This story is both funny and saddening at the same time. Leah Prudhomme from Minnesota had recently battled for her life after being in a serious car crash. Soon after she had recovered from her injuries, she then fell seriously ill with cancer. Leah battled with the disease to fight back to good health.

To stay in shape and keep fit Leah competed in the USA’s most hardcore triathlons. However, whilst competing in one of the events she was attacked by an otter which left her with 25 bite marks and bleeding heavily. She is now in hospital where she has been inoculated for rabies.

Whilst a mile and a half into the competition Leah was swimming near a bog and suddenly felt a sharp pain and an animal’s teeth sink into her foot. Leah tried to swim away from what she thought was a beaver, but the creature continued to evade sight and bite at her feet and legs through her wetsuit.


I thought if I backed up it would leave me alone, but it didn't,' she said. 'It was just diving back under again and again. It was terrifying.

It seems Leah is a bit on the unlucky side and we wish her a speedy recovery. Maybe we should ask one of the wetsuit brands to make a otter proof wetsuit.