Preview of Rip Curl E Bomb Zipperless Wetsuit

Rip Curl E Bomb Zipperless Wetsuit

We have just had some information come through about a brand new Rip Curl E Bomb Pro Zipperless Wetsuits product to the market which is due for release in the next few months.

Rip Curl have taken a giant leap in terms of technology to produce this wetsuit which of course benefits from no zip, this should ensure that flush through is kept to a minimum. Another major benefit will be the amount of flexibility the wetsuit is going to have. By getting rid of a zip then their is no place the wetsuit can get restricted. Meaning you move more freely and the wetsuit will fit better, as we know the better the fit the better the warmth and comfort. We wetsuit is going to be produced in 3/2, 4/3 and 5/3 versions.

As yet we have no idea how your going to get in the wetsuit we can only guess that the shoulder panel drops to allow entry then pops over the shoulder. Rip Curl are sending us one at the moment so we can do a video review for you.

Either way exciting times are ahead in terms of what we will be wearing.

Preview of the all new Rip Curl E Bomb Zipperless wetsuit