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Have you caught yourself wondering who your favourite surf brands sponsor is? Well, you’re about to find out!

We’ve picked out some of Quiksilver’s top surf riders! Who knows, you might find a new elite to idolise!

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About Quiksilver

Quiksilver is one of the leading outdoor sports lifestyle companies to date. They design and produce a wide variety of equipment for surfing, winter sports and golf. Since 1969, Quiksilver has positioned itself in surfing and snowboarding as an iconic pioneer for progression and innovation.

Mikey Wright

You might recognise Wright for his mullet, or more importantly, his bravery. On New Year’s Day in Hawaii, he saved a woman struggling against the current and being pulled out to sea. After hearing her cries and witnessing the commotion, Wright quickly asked his wife to hold his beer and sprinted to the rescue.

Since 2015, the younger brother of two surfing legends has carved his own name in the world of surfing and has since been recognised as Quicksilver’s premier free surfer.

It would be wrong to say that Wright doesn’t mess around when he hits the water; he carves his own line and never shies away from the wacky or wild. Wright’s style is raw, reckless and oozes originality.

Kanoa Igarashi

This surfing prodigy has been competing professionally since 2012. His flawless surfing style has awestruck his spectators time and time again, leaving scarcely any room for error. Last year, Kanoa was ranked #6 in the World Surf League Championship Tour.

During his role as the youngest ‘rookie’ in the World Surf League Championship Tour in 2016, Kanoa earned more Round One points than any other surfer and finished 2nd in the Pipeline event, which is an incredible achievement at the age of 19.

Kanoa’s effortless moves make surfing look easy. He moves with his board in seamless style, working beautifully with the waves. His hypnotic fluidity is something of a spectacle that we highly recommend checking out!

Koa Rothman

Koa Rothman is a fearless warrior when it comes to the waves. His abilities know no bounds.

Koa was born into a household surf family from the North Shore, Hawaii, and has been pushing the limits of his surfing abilities since the age of 17. The accomplished big wave rider is notorious for facing some of the most formidable waves in the world.

The most dangerous wave conquered by Koa is The Banzai Pipeline, the most lethal wave in the world. Hidden in its water, it harbours a cavernous reef that is barreled over by its large, thick curling waves, mastering some pretty fatal wipeouts.

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