Quiksilver Zip Free Ignite Summer Wetsuit

Quiksilver Wetsuit Video Review

With the advancements in technology every wetsuit brand keeps on pushing for the perfect wetsuit in terms of comfort, fit and warmth. Quiksilver have joined the race in producing what every water user is after in the Zip Free market. Having a zip free wetsuit benefits the user by having no resistance in terms stretch which would be the case if a zip was in place. Quiksilver has spared no expense by adding a 100% super stretch neoprene and for us the end users it means the comfort and performance is at it's maximum. By having this type of material the fit is better and we will get less tired as the material will move with our body movements instead of pushing against the neoprene. So in a nut shell better it fits the less tired we get and the warmer we stay.

Jeff reviews all the new features and let's know what he thinks of all the new features and if zip free really is the way forward.