Sailing essentials for summer

For many water sports enthusiasts, there is nothing better than enjoying a sunny summer on the water, whether you are surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding or sailing! Sailing in the winter when the waves are tempestuous, and the wind shape requires a lot of specialised gear. 

However, in the summer you can enjoy the water in nothing but swimwear and a life jacket. 

That being said, there is no reason that you can elevate your sailing experience with a few sailing essentials to guarantee you have a perfectly unproblematic time exploring the UK coastline.

Wetsuits And Sailing Suits 

The UK sea can be a cold and bitter place; even in the height of summer, our waters only reach on average 15 degrees, so the use of a sailing suit is the best way to keep you warm and in the water for as long as possible. They can be used for various sports and are perfect for summertime sailing. 

Realistically, you could use almost any wetsuit when sailing; however, for the more serious sailor out there, a specifically designed sailing suit will have features to cater for the range of motions and movement needed for manning a boat. 

Wetsuit Centre has one of the most extensive stocks of wetsuits, including sailing wetsuits for men, wetsuits for women and wetsuits for children

Man wearing wetsuit for sale sailing

Drysuits For Sailing 

A drysuit for sailing is a fully waterproof and breathable one-piece suit designed to offer complete protection from cold water or chilling winds. Unlike a wetsuit, you can wear insulating or protective gear underneath drysuits. On a particularly cold day, you can pop a thermal layer underneath to keep you comfortable in the open ocean. Traditionally these are used in the wintertime; however, if you are the type of person who feels the cold, you may benefit from using a dry suit all year round. Check out our blog for an introduction to dry suits.

Dry Bags For Sailing 

Another essential for your summertime excursions is a drybag for sailing. Drybags are vital pieces of kit to own when your hobbies involve water by keeping your valuables and electricals dry and safe. 

A Dry Bag is a flexible sack or bag with a roll-top closing system; they create a watertight enclosure because of the closing system they have in conjunction with the high quality and waterproof material they are manufactured from. Instead of a zip or velcro, the bag is sealed by rolling down the top at least three times, and then clipping the buckles together.

Boat with sailing coolbox

Sailing Impact Vests Buoyancy Aids & Life Jackets

Even the most experienced competent sailor is still at risk of falling overboard; in fact, it has been reported that more people are injured in sailing than in downhill skiing- a sport synonymous with high-speed collisions.

Impact vests are padded to ensure if you hit the water at a speed, you are not left gasping for air. In choppy waters, the loss of your breath can be a terrifying and dangerous experience. If you do run into some trouble out on the water and sailing impact vest can help to keep you alive and afloat. 

Cooler Boxes And Bottles For Sailing

On a hot summer's day, there is nothing like cracking open a cold one and letting all the hard work sink in while you take in the breathtaking views that the UK coast has to offer! However, keeping your sodas or a cheeky beer cold and crisp on a hot summer's day can prove to be a challenge. 

Luckily, Wetsuit Centre stocks a range of cooler boxes and bottles for sailing from the world's best outdoor living brand Yeti. Yeti is a world leader in terms of high quality and innovative technology when it comes to insulated bottles, cups, tumblers and cool boxes.

Man wearing impact sailing vest

Changing Robes For Sailing 

We all know there is nothing worse than getting out of the water on a chilly day and peeling a wetsuit from your already cold skin only to be hit by a gust of northern wind. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it's also offputting. 

The use of a changing robe will help to keep you toasty and warm while you change into some dry clothes and pack away for equipment. Wetsuit Centre stocks a multitude of sailing-changing robes from some of the UK's leading brands, most notably Dryrobe, Robie Robes and Ripcurl. 

If you would like some further information regarding the products we have mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact the wetsuit centre. Happy Sailing!