A man at a surf festival

One of the best bits about surfing is its welcoming and down to earth community. So, what better way to embrace its lifestyle and culture than enjoying a weekend at a surf festival! With plenty of new people to meet and great music to experience, what more could you want?

It doesn't matter what level you're at; surf festivals are the place to be if you love the ocean. You can hop along for the day or camp out for the weekend; either way, you can lose yourself in an abundance of activities and a great range of events, such as boat parties, silent discos and much more!

Even if your friends or family haven't had much experience in the sea, you'll often find lessons for:

  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Coasteering
  • Stand up paddleboarding
  • Kayaking

So, what's stopping you from getting the most out of your summer with your friends and family? Below we've collated some of our favourite festivals around the world for you to enjoy; all you'll need is your wetsuit and surfboard, and you'll be good to go!


Based in Newquay, Boardmasters is one of the most famous surfing festivals in the UK. With great atmospheres and architecture, this festival can transport you to new realms and help you discover new tribes.

The five-day festival unleashes a variety of musical genres while hosting extreme sports for you to dip in and out of; no matter if you're a surfer, skater or simply enjoy the vibe, you'll feel right at home.

Browse through their events and tickets to find comps, activities and venues, from boat parties to SUP safaris, or aimlessly meander through the festival and find live sunset sessions or delicious food and drink.

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Quicksilver Pro France

Based in Hossegor and at the heart of the European surf scene, Quicksilver Pro is part of the eleven events in the WSL Championship Tour.

Each year the location of the event is chosen according to the best swells in the surrounding area. With the festival spanning over ten days, its surf welcomes elite surfers from across the globe. They battle out and present the ultimate showcase for some of the best surfing you'll witness all year.

Vans Salinas International Longboard Surf Festival

Otherwise known as Salinas Surf Festival, the annual surf event takes place in the last week of July. Based in the Spanish town of Salinas, this festival has been running for 15 years now. It's recognised for being the biggest festival of its kind in Europe and one of the top three longboard events in the world.

While visiting, you'll find a variety of surfing comps to keep you on your toes, and great surf, sound and community. Not only will you be embarking on a wholesome experience, but you'll also be surrounded by a great group of surfers who love to party.

Even if surfing isn't your vibe, the locals have a reputation for welcoming you by inviting you to grab a beer and enjoy the relaxed environment with them.

You'll find plenty of activities and events to keep you busy, from single fin, retro board and longboard championships, to concerts, yoga and surf markets!

Sopela Kosta Fest

Sopela Kosta Fest takes you to one of the most beautiful corners of the Biscayan coast and showers you in short films, surf competitions, environmental talks and concerts. It's perfect if you're committed to your surfing lifestyle and looking to broaden your horizons.

Salinas Surf, Music & Friends

Once again, Salinas provides another surf festival that's filled with an abundance of exciting events. Not to mention, it's only one week after the Salinas Longboard Surf Festival, so you might as well stick around for round two!

You'll find plenty to do, from yoga groups during sunsets and sunrises to workshops, debates and waterman challenges.

Canarias Surf Film Festivals

You can experience every corner of the archipelago as the Canarias Surf Film festival journeys from city to city. Share your passion for surfing with an enthusiastic surfing community in a beautiful setting, where you can immerse yourself in surf movies, concerts and presentations that will connect you to the ocean.

Wavelength Surf Film Festival

The UK's Wavelength Surf Film Festival creates a vibrant atmosphere to lose yourself in as you enjoy some of the latest and greatest surf action releases at their drive-in cinema. You'll also be able to enjoy the events, live music, DJ sets and skate ramps.

If you start to feel a bit peckish or want to jump on the vibe, there will be a range of mouth-watering street food and a clifftop bar to drink dry.

Sumol Summer Fest

Nothing sounds sweeter than camping by the beach with a pint in hand and a sunny disposition. The Sumol Summer Fest in Portugal awakens the atmosphere and brings this feeling alive during the summer month of July, entwining the cultures of skateboarding and surfing at their seaside celebration.

At the event, you'll find a fusion of hip hop, reggae, jazz and electronic artists. Due to covid, the festival hasn't run for the past two years, but in 2022 the Sumol Summer Fest should be back with a brand new lineup.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and have found some new surf festivals to check out! For more information on surfing, take a browse through our blog!