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If you're prepared to battle some cold water and strong winds, then you will be in for a treat when it comes to the Irish coastline. Ireland's renowned for a huge variety of waves and consistent coastlines; its best-kept secret is said to be its world-class surf, which even Kelly Slater couldn't resist.

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The Complete Guide to UK Surfing

Bundoran, Donegal

Recognised as being the surf capital of Ireland, you'll find Bundoran at the top of most surfer’s lists. It's an inclusive surf that welcomes beginners, seasoned surfers and anyone in-between. You'll find a selection of beaches, each offering different swells and wave sizes.

The beach is the ideal spot for surfing from one season to the next, so no matter when you've planned your surf trip, you can rest assured that Bundoran's waves will be waiting for you.

Suppose you're looking for a bit of post-surf magic? In that case, you'll find lively bars and evenings filled with live music sessions. You'll also discover an array of cafés for some much-needed coffee the morning after, a range of restaurants and plenty of takeaways to tickle your tastebuds.

Tramore, Waterford

On the east coast of Ireland, Tramore is one of the most sought after areas. Since being established as a surfing town, it's home to the country's oldest and most active surf clubs. The surf welcomes those from varying surf levels and experiences.

The best swell direction is from the southwest and is at its peak when combined with an offshore wind from the north-northeast. The beach break provides left and right-handers with a good surf at all stages of the tide. The best season for surfing at Tramore is winter, more precisely in February.

Easkey, Sligo

Surfers in search of the best beaches in the world will often encounter Easkey, which has gained the attention of Surfer Magazine, who have named it a 'must visit spot'.

You'll find a tiny spot on the Wild Atlantic Way that offers a great surf all year round for those more experienced. However, beginners can still get in on the action as lessons are available on the local beaches.

The town itself offers plenty of culture to soak up after a day out on the waves, where you can find out more about the great artists and writers who are written into its rich history.

Mullaghmore Beach, Co. Sligo

dingbat2005, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mullaghmore, Donegal

Here you'll find one of the world's biggest waves. This wave shouldn't be underestimated; it comes in heavy and pounds down. Although dangerous, it's awe-inspiring and almost irresistible.

The wave has been surfed and is consistent, but it's reserved for professionals and elites, so it's definitely something to work toward and inspire you to get in more practice!

Surfers retreat from the Atlantic Ocean at Lahinch

Lukemcurley, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lahinch, Clare

If you're looking for diversity in breaks, you'll want to hit Lahinch, which has repeatedly been voted as one of the top surf spots in Ireland.

No matter your experience or skill level, Lahinch can cater to them all. You'll find consistent waves that work well for beginners and reef breaks for the seasoned surfers who know their way around a board.

If you're packing a bit on the heavy side, you can save some space and rent your equipment instead! Surf lessons and equipment are readily available for those looking to give surfing a good crack.

During the summer, you'll find an assortment of live music and bustling town pubs filled with tourists, locals and surfers alike! If you find yourself feeling a bit peckish, we highly recommend you try out some of the freshly caught seafood in the local restaurants!

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Feature image credit: Geoff Tydeman / CC BY-SA 2.0