Surfer All Alone with Shark For Company

Surfer Tracked By Shark In Western Australia

Surfer Fritz DeBruyn was on holiday at Westie Beach in western Australia and decide to go for a surf. Moments later the local crew a people looking on from the car park saw the shark cruising towards the surfer. Locals sounded there car horns and made swimmers and surfers aware of the impending danger.

Fritz decided that the shark posed no immediate danger and decided to carry on surfing, these photos were taken of the shark then following him as he searched for waves. It seems incredible that he was not attacked given the sharks interest but maybe it was just that.

Fritz did eventually catch a wave and left the water and the shark carried on his cruise, Fritz explained that he felt he was in no danger and that the shark was purely just interested in him. Lucky the shark did not decide to take a taster bit to find out what he was. Either way the photos that were taken were in fact quite amazing.