A group of surfers on the beach with sponge boards

A group of surfers on the beach with sponge boards

There’s no doubt about it, surfing is unique, and the experiences it provides are something else! An addictive and emotional rollercoaster, surfing has its peaks and troughs whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level! 

Which ones make you laugh and which ones make you cry? We take a look at some of them in our blog!

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Being a Wax Pauper


We’ve all been there. No matter how much wax you think you have stocked up on, you just never have enough. It usually disappears on its own accord, with no explanation. 

Wax is gold dust at times, and when you need it most, it’s nowhere to be seen! However, no matter how little we have, if someone asks for some, we always say yes.


Lines of surf


The Wind Magically Switching Onshore After Work


You could be eagerly waiting to head into the surf all day, feeling desperate as time slowly ticks by while the beautiful, clean and glassy waves roll into shore, line after glorious line. 

And just when you’re finally ready to run out the door, put your suit on and hit the beach… the wind magically switches onshore. Just like that, the waves are no more, and depending on what kind of day it’s been you can be reduced to tears of frustration!


Surfing Until You Can’t Surf Anymore


Surfing is addictive, and when you’re in the sea, it is easy to forget it’s been three hours without food or drink! Getting out of the ocean usually doesn’t happen until you absolutely must and you’ve got noodle arms and legs.


Complimenting Strangers


Telling a runner you’ve never met before that they have great style would probably be perceived as slightly unacceptable down the local park. 

But for a surfer, telling a randomer they got a great wave as they paddle back out to the line-up is ok - in fact, it is welcomed!


A surfer stood with a surfboard looking at the ocean


Only Having Eyes for the Ocean


If you’re stood close to the sea, any conversations which aren’t about the surf will probably go over your head. In fact, when you’re watching the TV and the sea appears, the whole storyline goes out the window. Why does it matter if there is decent surf going to waste in the background?


Feeling Internally Changed By a Dawny


No time is too early if it means you are going surfing in good conditions and the sea isn’t too crowded.

A ‘dawny’ can be the difference between a memorable or a throw-away day. If you sneak one in before you start work, it might be one of the rare times you arrive to work smiling!


Being Secretly Proud of a Wetsuit Tan


Ah, the wetsuit tan. A striking look for UK surfers where just our head, neck, hands and feet become tanned by the sun.

For the lucky ones who get to spend the majority of their time in the sea, a wetsuit tan is unavoidable. 

It may look completely ridiculous, but the meaning behind it can make any slightly wave-deprived surfer that little bit envious!


A surfer wearing a wetsuit and paddling in the sea on a surfboard


Weeing in Your Wetsuit


If you know, you know. 

There have been many a surf article written about the beauty some surfers find when taking a wee in the sea in their suit. 

If you’re not familiar with this, it is probably one of the more bizarre things you have read. However, for some, it’s almost as good as surfing itself.  

Sadly, urine isn’t one of the friendliest things for your wetsuit. If you want to know how to look after your wetsuit, take a look at our blog below!

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Feeling Thankful Neoprene has Advanced


While gearing up on neoprene during the winter can feel like hard work compared to slipping your summer suit on, thank goodness technology has advanced!

Gone are the days of feeling as stiff as a brick as you prepare to get in the water. And, although it may not be our favourite feeling, neoprene has thankfully developed leaps and bounds in the last decade or more. Now wetsuits and accessories provide much more flexibility and a better fit, meaning you stay warmer for longer! 

Which of our relatable things resonate with you? And what have we missed? Share your thoughts on our social media channels and let us know what fun stuff you regularly experience as a surfer!