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Wetsuit boots are essential for anyone keen to get into the water. Wetsuit boots offer protection and warmth against the elements, allowing you to stay safe and comfortable while enjoying the water. With various options of booties available, it takes time to choose a pair that's right for you. 

In this guide, we explore different types of wetsuit boots and how to fit them correctly! 

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What to Look For When Choosing a Pair of Wetsuit Boots 

Wetsuit boots help to insulate your feet from the cold water and provide a barrier against rocks, sand, and other hazards in the water. When choosing wetsuit boots that will fit, several factors must be considered. 

• Water Temperature 
• Wetsuit Thickness
• Size and Fit
• Sole Type 
• Closure Type 
• Durability 

Water temperature: Your decision on the thickness of your wetsuit boots will depend on the water temperature. The colder the water, the thicker the boots you'll need to keep your feet warm.

Wetsuit Thickness: The thickness of your wetsuit will also affect the thickness of the boots you need. You'll want to choose boots thick enough to provide insulation but not so thick that they restrict your movement. Wetsuit boots come in various thicknesses, from 2mm to 7mm, and are designed to be worn with a wetsuit to keep your feet warm and protected while in the water.

Size and Fit: You must ensure the boots fit tight around your feet and ankles. Try on several sizes before you find your perfect fit. 

Sole Type: Wetsuit boots come in various sole types, from thin and flexible to thick and sturdy. The sole type you choose will depend on the activity you'll be doing and the conditions you'll be in. 

Closure Type: Booties come in either a zipper or a slip-on design. It is essential to choose the closure type that works for you. 

Durability: You must choose a durable pair of wetsuit boots that can withstand all seasons. Look for wetsuit boots made from high-quality materials such as neoprene and synthetic rubber. 

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Types of Wetsuit Boots 

As mentioned previously, there are diverse types of wetsuit boots for all watersports. Take a look below:

round two wetsuit boots

Round Toe Wetsuit Boots 

Round toe boots are the most popular wetsuit boots you can buy! These boots feature a rounded toe which makes the boots comfortable to wear for all ages. The O’Neill Heat 5MM Round Toe Wetsuit Boots are among the most popular boots we stock.

split toe wetsuit boots

Split Toe Wetsuit Boots 

Split toe wetsuit boots are great for those looking for a more extensive range of freedom within a boot. These boots are ideal for use when you need the extra grip! They are a favoured choice for competitive watersports.  

wetsuit socks

Wetsuit Socks

Wetsuit socks are great for those looking for something easy to wear but will keep you warm in the water! Wetsuit socks are multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of watersports! These socks are ideal for bodyboarding and can be used while swimming and surfing.

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How Tight Should Wetsuit Boots Be? 


Surf booties should fit tight around your feet and ankles. However, they should not be so tight that they cut off circulation. 

Do Wetsuit Boots Go Over or Under The Wetsuit? 


Most watersport lovers will say your wetsuit boots go under your wetsuit! If you place your boots over your wetsuit, you can be prone to flushing water into the shoes.

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How to Put on Wetsuit Boots 


1. Fold the top part of your wetsuit boot down - the cuff should be folded over.
2. Insert as much of your foot into the boot as you can while using your fingers to pull the boot up.
3. Shimmy your foot bit by bit to get the entire foot into the boot. 
4. Once your foot is in each boot, gently pull the cuff you folded. 
5. Adjust if needed to get a completely comfortable fit. 
6. If you are wearing a wetsuit, pull the leg portion over the top of your boots.
7. You are ready to get into the water.

Our Wetsuit Boots Top Picks 


O’Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Wetsuit Boots 

These wetsuit boots are the most popular selling boots we stock! Suitable for anyone going in the water that either feels the cold in the summer or wants winter warmth.

O'Neill Mutant 6/5/4mm Split Toe Wetsuit Boots

The O'Neill Mutant 6/5/4mm split toe wetsuit boots are one of the most comfortable and warmest boots that you can buy. The added benefit is that the split toe is internal so you get the extra foot grip without losing heat through your big toe.

OA Hype 3MM GBS Neoprene Wetsuit Socks 

The OA Hype 3mm GBS Neoprene wetsuit socks are perfect for so many water sports such as bodyboarding, sailing and general beach use. This sock is perfect for any water sport enthusiast to keep your feet warm throughout the year.

We hope this guide has helped with your search for a new pair of wetsuit boots! For more information and advice, contact us here at Wetsuit Centre; our team is always happy to help.

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