Which Wetsuit to Buy for the Summer

Which Wetsuit to buy for Summer 2013

Which Wetsuit should I buy?

To make things a bit easier for you when buying a wetsuit we have had a think about what you should be looking at in terms of budget and choice.

Summer wetsuit for spend time in the water with the children and not wanting to break the bank.

If your looking at a simple yet effect wetsuit to use in the water with the children then a good start would be to look at the O’Neill Reactor range as this wetsuit range will cater for men, women & children. It has a flatlock construction which is where the material is pulled together flat and stitched giving a flat seam to the skin to ensure you don’t get a rash from the seam. It’s also well priced at £69 for adults & £39 for a child, that’s good value as the material also gives a good amount of stretch for your comfort and movement. We would suggest that for UK waters you go for the full wetsuit and not a shortie (short arms and legs these are for warmer waters or August in the UK if it’s not windy and raining) as it can be a little cold in a short arm & leg wetsuit.

Mid Range Wetsuits

If your budget is a little higher then we would suggest you consider the O’Neill Epic range for men and children & O’Neill Bahia for ladies. Also have a look at the Rip Curl dawn patrol range & Billabong foil & synergy all this wetsuits consist of more stretch material for additional comfort and warmth. Some of them also are glued and blind stitch which means the seams are glued together and stitched without going through the neoprene. These wetsuits are far more comfortable and generally have the super stretch material in strategic places to give you increased movement where you need it

Top End Wetsuits

If your serious about your sport then look and are looking for performance then you are into the realms of O’Neill psycho range of wetsuits including RG8, Psycho 1 & 3 and top end psycho freak. If Rip Curl is your preferred choice of wetsuit you are looking for E Bomb, & Flash Bomb. The flash bomb is worth noting as it has become the wetsuit to own in late 2012 & 2013 featuring its quick drying fur lining. In terms of Billabong and Xcel look at the Billabong SGX & Xcel Xflex for maximum flex, warmth & comfort. All the above mentioned wetsuits have the maximum super stretch neoprene which means the entire wetsuit has the ultimate amount of movement so it gives you a better fit and more importantly lets you move freely and prevents you getting tired. They also have additional warmth properties such a polypro lining which is a material that acts in the same way as thermal underwear trapping heat and keeping you warmer. Generally the more you pay the more features & benefits you get on a wetsuit.

Hope this has been helpful