Xcel Drylock Wetsuit Review

Xcel Drylock Wetsuit Product Review.

When it comes to Xcel everyone thinks of the warmest wetsuits that money can buy. So what makes Xcel so popular in the winter months and does all this warmth get comprimised in the flexibility of the wetsuit?

Xcel Drylock is without doubt one of the warmest wetsuits as it benefits from one of the best thermal linings. A thermal lining is basically a material that acts in the same way as thermal under in retaining body heat. This years lining is designed that not only does it keep you warm but also retains less water. The benefit of retaining less water is the suit remains lighter and more flexible. It could be said that in previous years the lining and neoprene did get heavy once you had been in the water for a while. This meant that you got tired quicker as you are using more energy to move around. Now this has been address so that movement is not so much of an issue as they have created the wetsuit with the least amount of seams ever so no restriction from there. It is still not as flexible as say the Rip Curl Flash Bomb or the O'Neill Psychofreak but it could be warmer.

So when deciding as to is this the wetsuit for you, you should weigh up warmth vs flex and if warmth is our primary concern a budget is no issue then this is the best that money can buy. You can view all the very latest winter wetsuits here.

Lets let Jeff give us his full product view.