Womens Wetsuit Sizing Guide

A wetsuit is created from specially designed neoprene to keep you warm in the sea. You can stay in the water for much longer periods of time by wearing a wetsuit than you could without one.

For those who do watersports in the UK, they are beneficial thanks to our colder water temperatures! We take a look at how to size the perfect women’s wetsuit and the accessories to match!



Wetsuit Size Guide for Women


Wetsuit Centre chart for Wetsuit Size Guide for Women

Wetsuit Fit

A wetsuit should fit tight to your body like a second skin. There should be minimal gaps where water can flush through, as this excess water will make you cold.

Your wetsuit needs to fit correctly on your torso, as this will keep you feeling warm. A great place to check that your wetsuit fits appropriately is the lower back. Check that the neoprene is close to your body here, with only a small amount of excess neoprene to pinch.

If your wetsuit has some larger gaps on other areas of the body, such as behind the knees and under the arms, this isn’t ideal but it shouldn't matter too much if it fits tight to the body.

For more advice on how a wetsuit should feel including on your chest, neck and legs, take a look at our blog on wetsuit fitting tips for women below!


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Choosing a Wetsuit

There are a few fundamental considerations when deciding which wetsuit you need.


The first one is knowing the time of year you’re going in the sea. Wetsuits come in different thicknesses for varying water temperatures.

The thickness is measured in millimetres in a leg/body-to-arm ratio. For example, 3:2 means the suit's neoprene is 3mm on the body and legs and 2mm on the arms.

Which thickness you choose depends on the time of year you hit the sea and how the cold affects you. For some people, they can surf in a 4:3 wetsuit all year round, with a thermal rash vest for extra warmth in the winter months, but this isn’t recommended for most!

For more advice on which thickness of wetsuit you need, click on the link below!


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Another factor which determines the suit you purchase is the budget. Whether you need to stick to a limit or not, wetsuits come in a variety of price ranges.

As a beginner, you will most likely want to start with entry-level wetsuits such as the C-Skins Surflite 4:3. They are generally more affordable, and as you advance, you will be more aware of the requirements you need from your wetsuit.

As you improve, you will no doubt want more flexibility from your suit as well as a focus on warmth. We often recommend the O’Neill Hyperfreak.


Most entry-level suits are back-zipped simply because they tend to be easier to get on. Overall, they aren’t as warm as chest zip suits because a chest zip removes any weak spots at the lower back where water can enter. However, they will still keep you super warm and are also friendlier on your wallet!

Tips for Women’s Wetsuit Sizing

Below, we offer our best tips when trying to work out your sizing of buying a wetsuit online:

  • Start with your dress size.
  • Make sure to check the measurements on the sizing guide of the wetsuit brand.
  • If you have a different size top and bottom, it is recommended to go with the larger of the two sizes.
  • If in doubt, just give us a call. We are more than happy to help!

Short and Tall Sizes

Ensuring you have the correct size wetsuit is integral; if the wetsuit is too big, it won’t work!

With this in mind, wetsuit brands have advanced their sizes by introducing short and tall sizes. For example, instead of your standard 6, 8, 10 etc., in-between sizes are also available such as 6-small (6S), 6, 6-tall (6T) and so on. If you are petite you may want to consider a short, and if you are tall, the tall sizes are great for extra length.

Brands and Sizing

The way a wetsuit fits will vary between each brand. For example, a 10 in an O’Neill wetsuit may fit differently to the same size in Rip Curl. You might find that you prefer the fit of one brand over the other, simply because it suits your body better.

Always check the brand’s size guide to make sure you have picked the correct size for you.

Below, we take a look at some of the other essential watersport equipment, including size guides for each.


Women’s Rash Vest and UV Protection Size Guide


Rash vests can be worn underneath your wetsuit to help protect your skin should you suffer from rubbing from your wetsuit.

They can also be worn on their own with a swimsuit or boardies to act as a sun protector to the sun. This can be especially useful in warmer climates.

Rash vests don’t really improve warmth, unless they include a thermal lining to help maintain heat under your rash vest.


Wetsuit Centre chart for Women’s Rash Vest and UV Protection Size Guide


Women’s Impact Vest Size Guide


An impact vest is a safety essential to ensure buoyancy, should you fall off you water craft while in the water. They are usually used for sailors, kayakers and water skiers. They are placed on top of you wetsuit.


Wetsuit Centre chart for women’s Impact Vest Size Guide


Women’s Wetsuit Boots Size Guide


Wetsuit boots are worn as the water temperature drops. They keep your feet warm, and need to fit more like a sock than a shoe. There should be little room between your foot and the wetsuit boots, but they shouldn’t fit so tightly that your feet curl up.


Wetsuit Centre chart for Women’s Boots Size Guide


Women’s Wetsuit Hood Size Guide


Another cold water essential, a hood ensures your head and face are protected from colder climates. It should fit fairly tight but not so much that it causes pain around your neck or face.


Wetsuit Centre chart for Women’s Hood Size Guide


Women’s Wetsuit Gloves Size Guide


Wetsuit gloves ensure that your hands retain heat and don’t suffer in the colder conditions of UK winters!


Wetsuit Centre chart for Women's glove size guide


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