Children's Wetsuits

Wetsuit Centre is the UK's largest stockist of children's wetsuits both for summer and the winter months. If you are looking to buy a kid’s wetsuit you should consider which months of the year they will be using the suit.

From the months of May to October when the water temperature in the UK ranges from 17c to 20c, a 3/2 full suit would be the best option. This means the body of the suit is 3mm of neoprene and the arms are 2mm. The neoprene traps a thin layer of water against the body which helps to maintain body heat to a constant level. With these suits, your child can stay in the water for longer and more importantly stay warm and enjoy the sea!

If they are looking to only use the suit in the summer months then a short arm and leg wetsuit, otherwise known as a shortie, could be a better alternative. These types of kids’ wetsuits are usually made with 2mm of neoprene as the water is warmer and thus having no arms or legs in the wetsuit is no problem at all. As for the water temperature, it should sit around 20 Celsius or above to ensure ultimate comfortability when wearing the suit.

For winter months from November to April, where the water temperature sits between 5c and 12c, a 5mm neoprene wetsuit for kids is the best option. The suits are 5mm on the body and either 4mm or 3mm on the arms. This keeps the body warmer in extreme winter waters. Some children also wear a 5mm wetsuit in the summer if they are more sensitive to the cold.

Kids Wetsuits For Sale

When it comes to purchasing kids’ wetsuits, your main focus is likely to be on durability, flexibility and ultimately comfort. Whether your child is an avid surfer, long boarder, or enjoys a range of other watersports, finding the right wetsuit for kids is important. At the Wetsuit Centre, we offer high quality kids’ wetsuits suitable for every age, ability and shape.

We believe in offering a range of options to make the process of finding the right wetsuit for kids easy. With our help, you can be certain that you’ll find the perfect fit, while ensuring that your children don’t have to worry about their suit and can focus on enjoying the water and their preferred sport.

Browse our range of kids’ wetsuits to find the perfect solution for your child’s watersports adventures, today.